The UPAEP University in Puebla, Mexico

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The UPAEP is a leading university in Puebla, Mexico, that provides double degrees with U.S. universities. The university is a hub for executive education. It has well known in the region for providing excellent academics to students from all over the world. The University’s programs have regularly accredited with external organizations and graduates obtain their bachelor’s degree

Non-Profit Organization Accredited Education

The UPAEP is a private, non-profit organization that offers an accredited education. Students can choose from several different academic programs to meet their interests. The educational program has structured to make it easier for students to find the right program for them. The staff interview students over Skype to assess their language proficiency, and all students take a language evaluation upon arrival.

Major Attraction For International Students

The UPAEP campus has been a major attraction for international students for decade. its small size. It offers an international education to 8,000 university level students. It is a city of students and welcomes students from throughout the country and even from abroad. The campus is a cultural and business hub in the Middle East. The UPAEP experience in Puebla has the best she has ever had in her professional life.

Upaep Admissions Process

The part of UPAEP admissions process applicants must complete three semesters of university-level Spanish applying to the school. After completing the interview, students must take a language evaluation on their arrival. This evaluation will determine a student is fluent in English or not. A student language level is major determining factor in admission. It will be vital to complete a comprehensive language assessment moving on.

Institution With An Open University System

The UPAEP is a private institution with an open university system. The academic offerings include master’s and doctoral degrees. Its sports teams have called Aguilas UPAEP and have ranked in the top five in Mexico CONADEIP league. The basketball team, which has known as La Patagonia has won several national championships and is a favorite of students from all over the country.

Language Evaluation Required

Students who wish to study at the UPAEP have required to have three semesters of university-level Spanish. The university requires from students to have complete their three-year degree in Spanish to apply for an exchange program. The language evaluation is part of the admissions process. The interview,  UPAEP staff will evaluate the student’s language level and will offer additional instructions if needed. The students will have evaluated on their English language skills at the end of the interview.

Basics and Establishment

The UPAEP has established in 1973 at the request of the citizens of Puebla. It has an open university with four-year accredited programs. Its students come from various parts of Mexico, including the southeast. The university is located in the downtown area of Puebla City. It is located just two hours from the Mexico City International Airport. The city has known as a student city, and the UPAEP is the center for university studies in the state.

Covers All Levels Of Education In Mexico

The UPAEP is a public university in Puebla, Mexico. It has a campus in Tehuacan and nine high schools in Puebla. It is a member of the EdNet educational network and the Competitiveness and Strategy Institute of Harvard University. The UPAEP covers all levels of education in Mexico including elementary, secondary, and doctoral levels. If you have interested in studying Spanish,  UPAEP has an excellent option.

Academic Excellence And Accredited Programs

The UPAEP is a public university that has created in 1973 at the request of the community of Puebla. The institution has noted for academic excellence and the number of accredited programs. The university welcomes students across Mexico as well the southeast. Its students a diverse population and have often well-educated. The UPAEP is open university students must be familiar to the language.

The UPAEP has a vibrant student life. The campus is home to many international students. Who attend the university for a number of reasons. Some are in search of an opportunity to pursue an advanced degree. Others are just hunting to meet new people. The UPAEP is one of the largest and most popular international universities in Mexico. The UPAEP has a vibrant community of students. A friendly environment is key in a university success.

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