Popular Hollywood Entertainer Phyllis Fierro Net Worth

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phyllis fierro
phyllis fierro

Phyllis Fierro is a popular Hollywood entertainer who has a net worth of $400 thousand. She lives in New York with her better half and is not dynamic in the social media world. The actress is most visible on the social media accounts of her children, Daniel, Julia, and David, who are all still in high school. However, she does post pictures on her personal Instagram account, where she has often seen posting pictures of the family at MetLife Stadium and the Outsiders House Museum.

Phyllis Fierro Belongs to a Caucasian Ethnicity

Phyllis Fierro has born in the United States. Her exact place of birth is unknown. She has a zodiac sign of Leo, which is a fire sign. A Leo female is known for her vivacious and outgoing nature, making her an ideal partner. She belongs to a Caucasian ethnicity and has no religious affiliations. She and her husband are still married, but it is unknown what they’ll do after their divorce.

Phyllis Fierro is Married to Ralph Macchio

Phyllis Fierro has married to actor Ralph Macchio, Jr. She and Ralph have two children, Julia and Daniel. The couple is very close with their children. Phyllis Fierro is also active on social media and can be found posting pictures of her kids. The actress also has a number of other projects in the works, such as a new movie called ‘The Other Woman’.

Worked as a Nurse Practitioner

Phyllis Fierro has an American actress who is renowned for her work in the film industry. She was born on July 23, 1960. Went to college and eventually worked as a nurse practitioner in an American hospital. She met Ralph Macchio when her grandmother introduced her to her. While they were both still teenagers, they quickly became close friends. The couple married on April 5, 1987, and their relationship continued to grow.

Appeared in many Different TV Shows And Movies

Phyllis Fierro has a Leo who is married to a popular Hollywood actor. During her career, she has appeared in many different TV shows and movies. She has two sisters and two brothers. She was born in the United States of America. Her zodiac sign is Leo, which is characteristic of vivacious women. In addition to being a Leo, she is of the Caucasian ethnicity. Her religion is unknown.

Phyllis Fierro has Two Siblings

Phyllis Fierro is a Leo who has two siblings. She has a virtuous personality and a passion for serving others. She also has a strong sense of duty. Her family lives in New York. Her parents are Leos, and her husband is Jewish.  Phyllis Fierro is the wife of a famous actor, Ralph Macchio.

Good Career as a Nurse

Phyllis Fierro is a nurse. She has a good career as a nurse and a supportive and loving mother to her two children. She was a mentor to Julia, who suffered from bullying as a child.  Phyllis Fierro was a good role model for Julia, and she acted as her husband’s best friend in numerous TV shows. It was a great honor for her to marry a famous Hollywood actor, and she continues to serve the public.

Fame as the Wife of Hollywood Legend

Phyllis Fierro is a nurse who served on the front lines during the global COVID-19 pandemic. She rose to fame as the wife of a Hollywood legend, Ralph Macchio. She made her name as a kidnapping teenager in the 1984 film The Karate Kid. Afterwards, she has worked in dozens of movies and TV shows. However, she has remained relatively private.

Devoted her Time to Raising her Three Children

Phyllis Fierro has a net worth of $2 million. She is a nurse by profession, but has also devoted her time to raising her three children. Her daughter, Julia, and her husband have two children. Phyllis is a prominent member of the New York community, and she has been a very supportive partner for her husband. The actress’s popularity has boosted in recent years.

Phyllis Fierro is Actress& Successful Nurse

Phyllis Fierro is an actress and a successful nurse. She is also a doting mother to her children. She was very supportive when Julia was experiencing bullying as a child and helped her through her career choice. During her teenage years, Phyllis has a supportive and nurturing mother, and she did not allow her daughter to be bullied by other girls. After graduating from college, she began working as a nurse at the local hospital. She currently works at an emergency clinic in New York.

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