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Interested in learning more about Inperium? Interested in Imperium’s health and wellness products? Want to know what we’re talking about? You’ve come to the right place! Read on for some of our favorite things about Inperium. Whether you’re thinking about joining our mission or not, we’ve got you covered. Whether you’re interested in the company’s products and services, or you’re simply curious, here are some helpful hints.


Inperium provides a cloud-based CRM platform that unlocks the full potential of a small business’s growth. As a 501(c)(3) organization, your donations are tax-deductible. Additionally, you can submit data to their Nonprofit Portal and download their free rating toolkit. The Inperium team works with small businesses to create an integrated CRM solution to meet the needs of every business. To learn more about their platform, visit

Imperium, Inc. 14-day free trial was founded in 2002 by the founders of the online media company. It specializes in managing ACO programs. The company also provides development services. This growth has resulted in a rapid expansion of their staff, which grew by 11% last year. The website features case studies, articles, and other relevant information. Among the many benefits that these services offer Inperium Talk is the leader in healthcare consulting, training, and development.

Imperium Health

The independent physicians’ ACO of Cook County, LLC (IPACO) has formed an exclusive agreement with Louisville-based Imperium Health Management to provide strategic health management services. Founded by John Venetos, MD, IPACO has made up of 130 independent physicians and is the latest member of the growing list of physician-led ACOs. The company has already assisted four ACOs in establishing their own Medicare Shared Savings Programs and is working with another 50 physicians on the process.

Imperium Health is collaborating with Community Healthcare Systems to create 15 MSSP ACOs around its general hospital. This partnership has been credited with helping LHC Group’s 2018 ACO growth, as the two companies have partnered in the creation of the ACOs. Further, Imperium Health’s ACOs have been responsible for a significant portion of the growth in LHC Group’s ACO revenue in 2018.


Inperium Sell

Inperium Sell is an enterprise customer relationship management (CRM) platform that helps sales teams manage their contacts, pipelines, and deals. With its powerful capabilities and ease of use, this platform makes it easier than ever for sales teams to engage with their prospects and clients via their preferred method. With a consolidated message center, the platform allows managers to monitor their pipelines, track sales opportunities, and forecast cash flow. As a result, Inperium Sell can help sales teams crush their quotas and close more deals faster.

The Inperium Sell trademark has protected by multiple U.S. and European Union patents, and it has used for various business applications, including customer engagement and cloud communications. The application number assigned to the trademark has a unique identification number. The company has positioned to take market share in the growing SaaS sales industry and will launch a series of essential SaaS applications that help companies achieve their growth goals. This trademark has filed in the category of Computer & Software Services & Scientific Services.

Imperium Management Services

Imperium Management Services is a corporate management consulting firm with an established top honcho. The firm’s executives have 20 years of experience in corporate relations, public policy, and strategic assignments. Their team includes 10 talented professionals who focus on complex policy issues. They have also worked on numerous strategic assignments for Sahara India Group. Their experts understand their clients’ business goals and offer custom-designed solutions that achieve those goals. They also provide comprehensive services for a range of industries.

This Private Limited Company has headquartered in Walnut, California. It is a member of the Management Services industry and operates in the Engineering, Accounting, and Research sector. The company has been in business for 3 years, generating $104,405 in revenue every year. Their services are provided through a secure connection to a central database. Imperiam Management Services Limited will send you an authentication code that you can use to verify the identity of your company.

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