Guitar Tutorials – Which Guitar Tutorial Should You Use?

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Justin Sandercoe is a guitarist, songwriter, performer, producer, and educator based in London, England. His instructional videos have over 60 million views on YouTube. The web site gets over 750,000 unique visitors each month and offers tons of content. The website also offers free lessons. If you are looking for information about how to play guitar, learn some basics, or improve your technique, is the place to go.

Guitar Tricks

If you’re unsure which guitar tutorial to use, you should start with the free trial offered by Guitar Tricks. During this time, you can view unlimited lessons, use all features without restrictions, and even see what lessons you’ve already completed. This way, you can check out how the course is laid out, the instructors’ teaching styles, and the dashboard. After you’ve tried a few of the lessons, you can decide whether you’d like to subscribe to the full course or cancel your membership.

The Blues Style Level 1 of Guitar Tricks covers everything an aspiring bluesman needs to know. This guitar tutorial includes a detailed breakdown of the basic blues scale, including chords and rhythms. You’ll also learn the techniques used by the legends of the blues, including palm-muting and lead guitar. The Power Chord, also known as the ‘D’ chord, uses only two or three strings and uses a combination of root notes and fifths. The guitar lesson will also show you how to play power chords and use guitar effects to make your blues sound seriously rock-inspired.



Using Yousician musician tutorials is similar to learning to play a guitar from a teacher. The video tutorials teach step-by-step techniques, and you get feedback constantly. You don’t need any extra equipment or software to learn how to play a new instrument. All you need is a microphone and a computer with an internet connection. The premium version of the Yousician app has more features, including the ability to upload your own songs and videos and incorporate famous songs into your learning process.

Yousician is compatible with all popular guitar and singing instruments. It lets you practice both instruments and gives you the confidence to perform. The app contains hundreds of tutorials and training videos in various genres and levels. Yousician will keep track of your progress, with checkpoints that help you move from beginner to advanced levels. The app also has over 1500 missions, lessons, and exercises, so you’re sure to find the right tutorial for your skill level.

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