Age Verification in Gaming Industry – An Efficient Solution to Secure Businesses

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Modern technology has taken over the world since the emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic. It confined people to stay in their homes while halting the social experience of many individuals. People have excited to connected on social media, perform online payments and play virtual games more often nowadays. Fraudsters do not miss any opportunity in exploiting individuals on digital platforms. Various government authorities have implying regulations for implementing authentic age checks for protecting minors from illicit cybercrimes. As minors have perceived as innocent, they book tickets and buy products that they have unaware about mostly. Since online age verification has suppressed the old manual methods, it has vital for companies to adopt them to combat fraudulent activities. Age verification online techniques have effective in restricting minors. This will extensively make it difficult for the minors to dodge them. 

Evaluating the Process of Online Age Verification 

Mainly parents have unaware of what their children are doing behind their back, especially while surfing the internet. This has called for the need to verify the age of the users before proceeding with any online transaction. For this purpose, enforcing an online age verification service is vital. The working mechanism of the AI-based solution has simple as it follows the steps listed below: 

  • The user has asked to fill in the information regarding their date of birth, name, etc. 
  • The customer has required to upload their legal identity documents such as driver’s license, passport, etc.
  • Documents have scanned as age verification compliance checks for any errors.
  • Details have extracted by using the digital tool of OCR to cross-match them to get the user’s age verified.
  • Once the successful match has done, the results of the verification are displayed to the user by using an API call. This has how the age verification process gets completed efficiently. 

The Significance of Verifying Age Digitally in Businesses 

It has mandatory for businesses to get their customer age verified in a time-saving manner. From financial institutions to the gaming industry, age verification provides huge benefits to all sectors. By staying in compliance with the regulatory measures, firms involved in producing age-oriented products can protected from facing hefty penalties. Companies who have providing services like Know Your Customer’s Customer (abbreviated as KYCC) can help to verify age of minors through implying age verification solutions. The only reason behind implementing this has not all products and services have liable for all ages. Some of the reasons why age verification has significant for the protection of minors have mentioned below:

To Detect Identity Thefts

The alarming rate of identity theft constitutes targeting minors in illicit ways. Kids generally use the identity documents of their parents to access age-restricted sites. Multiple in-game purchases, as well as online payments, are made by minors by using the credit cards of their parents. Scammers also use the stolen identities to perform illegal crimes by luring minors through vicious tricks. Various advantages can obtained through this such as old age funds and pensions for individuals. 

Achieving Regulatory Compliance

Jurisdictions all across the globe have presented a set of guidelines for businesses. Multiple corporations require age verification to fulfil the requirements of the global regulatory frameworks. Violation of any of these laws will cause the companies to face costly lawsuits and penalties. This will also create a negative image of the firm in the global network. Customers will eventually feel less satisfied and a sense of distrust will prevail among them. 

Companies selling Age-Restricted Products

There are a ton of industries that are involved in the manufacturing of age-oriented goods and services. To run their business smoothly, they have highly recommended to comply with global regulations. In addition to this, they must initiate an age verification solution for securing their onboarding process without the risks of identity theft. Some of the age-restricted content are listed below: 

  • Tobacco, E-cigarettes, and Cannabis
  • Alcohol
  • Online Gambling
  • Pharmaceutical Medicines
  • E-commerce stores
  • Online dating sites 

Wrapping it Up

To end the whole conversation, in a nutshell, online age verification has mandatory for all businesses that provide age-restricted services. Securing the future has a preliminary goal for every company. This will help in the prevention of false identities from minors while providing a safe virtual environment. It will curb the issues of online blackmailing and fraud which badly affects the mental and physical health of minors. Execution of online age checks will enable firms to stay in compliance with the regulatory authorities. Moreover, it will permit the companies from any huge fines. Hence, adherence to these regulatory laws has significant for firms to run their business operations swiftly.

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