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You can also host a live class or a group webinar in real time with Pinlearn. You can set your own entry fees, topics, descriptions, and schedule, and accept payments for your classes. With Pinlearn, you can also brand your website to promote your services and sell your own self-paced courses. Here are some of the pros of Pinlearn:

Pinlearn is a Self-Hosted

If you are looking for a cheap, but professional way to set up an e-learning business, is the best choice. Their regular site plan starts at $399 and costs $999 for premium. The regular site plan does not allow tutors to sell courses and does not provide course content protection. Unlike premium plans, there are no monthly renewal fees. The software can be added to unlimited domains.

Pinlearn is a self-hosted, professional learning marketplace platform for tutors. It has a robust set of web and mobile apps, as well as lifetime upgrades. The 100% open source code is highly secure and protected against hackers. Tutors can also sell their own self-paced courses on the platform. The software comes with a built-in messaging system for tutors and students to communicate.

Pinlearn is 100% open source

Pinlearn is an open source software that allows tutors to build and market self-paced courses, as well as add live group classes. Its 100% open source code means that you have complete control over its functionality. It offers two paid plans, $399 and $999, both of which are one-time fees. For the cheaper plan, you can use Yo! Coach, a ready-made online tutoring solution. You can customize it to meet your needs and provide your students with the best learning experience possible.

Another great feature of Pinlearn is its high level of security. You can host your course on any web server and protect your students’ data from hackers. Pinlearn also has a better security and privacy record. Unlike Thinkific, Pinlearn is 100% open source. This means that you have complete control over the content, pricing, and IP rights. Whether you use Pinlearn for your own training or just as an online course platform, you will be able to manage your content and retain complete control over the content and branding of your training program.



If you want to start an e-learning business on a budget, Pinlearn might be the perfect solution for you. Regular site plans start at $399 and premium plans start at $999. The regular site plans don’t include course content protection or tutoring tools, but they do have a no-monthly-renewal option. You can even upgrade to the premium version later and have the software installed on as many domains as you want.

The best thing about Pinlearn is that it’s 100% open source code, which means that you can completely customize the platform. You can also purchase a one-time license for $399 or $999. The best part about Pinlearn is that it allows you to use its software forever, and you can upgrade it for as long as you want. The software also comes with an entire suite of web apps. The source code is completely unencrypted, so you’ll never have to worry about security.

Tutors can sell their own self-paced courses

If you’re a tutor looking to expand your online course offerings, Pinlearn is a great platform for you. Not only can you sell courses on the platform, you can host live classes, webinars, and other types of events. Using Pinlearn as your online course platform is very easy, and you’ll be able to manage your course’s development process with its built-in features.

In this guide, you’ll learn more about the benefits of using the Pinlearn e-learning platform. Tutors can easily upload content and set a price. The Pinlearn marketplace also offers a simplified interface for tutors to upload content. You can also earn commissions based on the sales of your courses. As long as they meet the Pinlearn quality standards, your courses can be listed on the marketplace.

Creating a website for selling your own self-paced courses is easy and cost-effective. Unlike selling on third-party sites, you can customize the look and feel of your e-course with ease. With Pinlearn, you’ll be able to integrate it with things that work best for you and your students. Moreover, you’ll be able to set your own schedule.

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