The 5 Best Ways to Build Links and Improve Your SEO

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Would you like to increase your backlink profile and improve your SEO? Are you having trouble implementing your current link-building strategy? Do you also want to build links to your site more effectively but don’t know how? Providing the desired products to consumers is just a tiny part of what it takes to run a business. Marketing is necessary to make your brand stand out from others. Marketing strategies contain mutually digital and traditional systems.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is an vital factor of digital marketing. It also involves link building, which is equally crucial. If link-building isn’t working for you, don’t lose heart just yet. Backlink building is a complex process with many methods you may not have considered. Here are the five best ways to build links and improve your SEO.


Unless you know what your SEO goals are, achieving them will be tough. Why are you launching a link-building campaign? It would help if you avoided vagueness and unrealistic expectations. Make sure your goals are SMART:

  • S — Specific
  • M — Measurable
  • A — Attainable
  • R — Relevant
  • T — Time-bound

“Get more links” is too general to be helpful, but “get three links from DA 80+ sites by December” meets all the SMART criteria.

Creating the right strategy and deciding based on your goals will help you succeed. Imagine how your campaign goal relates to your business goal — both should be connected. Be sure to note your current ranking for your target keywords when planning your link-building campaign to see if it’ll improve your link building in seo.

2. Prioritize Quality Over Quantity

When building links, it is essential to focus on quality rather than quantity. The goal should be to target high authority and niche-relevant websites. Rather than getting links from random sources, focus on getting links from credible sources. So, link-building is time-consuming since you need to filter your resources before including links from any of these sites.

It’s not always true that more links are better, especially if they come from irrelevant blogs. Your site won’t receive a visit if the initial page offers nothing to the reader. Therefore, low-quality links won’t be of much value to you. You will lose more effort as you focus on getting more than receiving from a good, credible, and relevant source.

3. Connect With Other Blogs


Writing for your blog is essential, but you should also write for other blogs and websites. Building relationships and getting new links is easier than ever with guest blogging, and it is becoming more popular. Look for a “Write for Us” page on websites or blogs relevant to your industry.

This page outlines contributor requirements and tells you how to reach out to them. There may be other times when you need to contact the blog owner directly. It is common for guest writers to include links to their sites within their posts or in their author bios. Therefore, this can provide your website with many highly relevant backlinks.

4. Create Valuable Free Tools

You can provide value to your customers by offering free tools and calculators. They help show off what you are capable of and build loyalty with people who will make future purchases from you. Moreover, they are excellent link-builders. Free stuff appeals to everyone. Those who find your helpful tool will be eager to share it with others.

Think about what you can provide for free to your customers. The best place to begin is a free trial, a downloadable eBook, or a template. What could you calculate based on information about your customer? For instance, check out KeeperTax to see how it helps people calculate how much they will owe in taxes. The site’s 1099 tax calculator lets viewers enter their information and get an estimate of their tax liability. Such a calculator can convert more visitors into leads.

5. Monitor Competitors’ Activities


Knowing where your competition stands are essential for outperforming them. It would be best if you kept an eye on your competitors’ backlinks. You can then figure out what backlinks Google is currently ranking highly. Consider learning from them instead of trying to decode Google’s ranking algorithm yourself.

Therefore, look at participants that rank higher than you. Start by identifying the keywords they are using and the platforms they are getting their links from. To become the best idea about whom you should consider as a standard, start by using your primary keyword. Either brand comes on top organic search results for the anxious keyword is your competition.

Analyze the brand’s backlinks to determine its authority and how many links it uses on average. Analyze their success strategies. Does their content appear on blogs related to theirs? Is there an increase in corporate websites? While the former illustrates how guest posts work for them, the latter illustrates how outreach and networking build links.


Any online marketing campaign must include SEO (search engine optimization). As a result, link-building is one of the most common techniques for optimizing your website, even though getting links from high-quality sites is challenging.

Following these five tips, you can build links and improve your SEO score and search results. Create valuable content and understand your audience; then, promote your piece on social media to expand your reach.

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