How to Create a Successful LinkedIn Video Marketing Campaign

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LinkedIn is today much more than just a networking platform for business-to-business interactions. LinkedIn video ads generate more than 300 million impressions annually. By including a B2B video ad option, the platform has made it simpler for marketers to convey their message and pique the interest of their target audience.

LinkedIn video advertisements are videos that p

lay automatically in the newsfeed and appear just like any other post.

Now is the time if you haven’t jumped on the Linkedin video ads. According to the data provided by LinkedIn, the time spent watching video ads by users is three times higher than that on static ads reading material.

In addition, videos posted on a company’s page create five times as much interaction as any other kind of content. It can significantly help build brand recognition, engage with key business decision-makers, and drive high-quality leads to your promotional campaign.

Here are some of the most important things to remember while developing a video marketing strategy on LinkedIn:

How to identify your ideal customers and clients

Before you get started on the creation of your video advertisement on LinkedIn, you need to figure out who exactly you want to see it. The specific demographic that your advertising, product, or company is geared toward will serve as the basis for determining who your target audience is. Target those likely to watch, interact, and convert to your adverts.

To obtain a deeper understanding of your audience, you may take surveys and provide them to your existing customers to fill out. Many tools are accessible online so that you may take surveys and quizzes. 

Contact your sales staff to obtain information on the customer profile buying your products. Study the social media profiles of your existing and ideal customers. Conduct research on websites, blogs, and content your target audience is visiting and sharing on social networks.

LinkedIn profiles provide interests at the bottom. When it comes to the production of video advertisements for your LinkedIn profile, you can put this information to good use. Make sure you document every piece of information you discover in your research of the target audience.

Now, here are some of the most important things to remember while developing a video marketing strategy on LinkedIn:

Grab attention from the start

The first few seconds of a video ad are vital to its overall success. The video should be able to hold the interest of the viewer from the very beginning. According to research by LinkedIn, people’s attention spans begin to decrease after ten seconds. Hence, providing the most crucial information and communicating your point within the first ten seconds is critical.

Additionally, see that your video is compatible with every social media network you wish to utilize. Remember that Instagram only permits minute-long videos, while Twitter’s maximum video length is two minutes and twenty seconds. Convert your original video into shorter versions better suited for sharing on social media.

Consider Silent Videos

A growing number of people on social media are watching videos with the audio muted, leading to a revival of the silent cinema era. It is wise to prepare your video advertisements to be suitable for silent watching. This can be done by incorporating informative and explanatory imagery and using the closed captioning tool that LinkedIn has added to its platform. Make sure you have a precise screenplay, and if you decide to go with a video that does not have any conversation, your start should be able to convey your message effectively through their mannerisms and expressions.

Tell Stories

What makes for a memorable advert? Usually, ones that tell a story, whether funny or dynamic, tend to make a strong impression. A strong narrative-based advertisement will not only be able to convey the message to the audience, but it will also be able to make people interested in your products/services. 

Movies featuring likable protagonists or heroes who triumph over challenges generally evoke a strong emotional reaction among audiences. B2B marketing ad videos evoke the same feelings in their viewers when appropriately executed with a focus on the message, story, and outcomes.

Add a Title That Resonates

Selecting an appropriate title for the video you create is more important than you think. Businesses tend to think cramming their film’s title with numerous keywords will ensure extensive presence on a search results page. However, this will not generate qualified leads. The title that is the most truthful is also the one that is the best and most effective.

Give your video ad on LinkedIn a title that is both descriptive and search engine friendly. You might begin by eliminating the file extension from the name of the file you are now working with, or you could switch things up. Just be sure to include an accurate description of the movie and its material.

Add a CTA

A call to action (CTA) is an essential component of every marketing strategy, although sometimes neglected regarding video content. Since these videos have produced for a purpose, it is necessary to add a distinct call to action at the end of the video that nudges viewers to the subsequent steps.

Viewers need to be guided to the next step, whether you want them to sign up for a free sample, follow your company’s page on social media, or visit your website. Without a CTA, the viewers will watch the video but not take action, making the entire exercise futile.

Go Pro with Equipment 

As a marketer, it is imperative to invest in high-quality recording devices and equipment, such as a camera, lights, mic, tripod, and applications for video editing. The best part is that even smartphones with excellent camera quality could provide satisfactory results when used for video recording.


Whether explaining how your gadget helps small businesses save thousands of dollars or how your safety routine saves lives, you should subtly narrate your story. An old-fashioned sales pitch won’t very effective.

Create a solid first impression that differentiates you from competitors. People have more likely to view your video several times if it is both exciting and immediately valuable to them. They may even share it with others in their professional network.

LinkedIn video ads offer excellent marketing potential for both new and old companies. Corporate updates, interviews, and sharing tips and techniques can done via video to make them more engaging and impactful.

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