What Is the Secret to Repeatedly Beating Opponents in Cube Solitaire?

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The secret’s out of the bag!

For all Cube Solitaire enthusiasts, it must be a matter of great satisfaction that they can finally learn the secret to beating their opponents repeatedly. While it was an open secret, you can repeatedly score the highest by sharpening your skills.

Cube Solitaire is a skill-based game, meaning your luck doesn’t have a significant role. You can pray to your Gods and appeal to the Goddess of Luck before the cards are dealt, but after that, you have the power to turn the match in your favor.

If you don’t know where to start and need help, here are some tried and tested strategies that will help augment your winning chances.

Play Practice Matches as many as Possible

Don’t dive into the world of Cube Solitaire without honing your skills and learning the game’s rules. While you can read the rules, practical application is a different ball game.

So, play as many practice matches as possible to get accustomed to playing against an opponent. Traditionally, this game was played solo and did not feature a countdown timer. But when you play Solitaire online, the matches are time-based and fast-paced. Each session lasts five minutes, and you have to beat your opponent within this time.

When you play 1V1 practice matches, you learn the rules and teach yourself the art of staying calm under pressure. Suppose the timer is down to the last minute and your opponent’s score is slightly more than you. Playing many practice matches will teach you not to panic and remain calm. Mistakes happen when you start to randomly place cards on the different tableaus because the timer is headed for zero.

Plow Down the Enormous Stacks

In these matches, the exposed or face-forward cards can be used. You cannot use the face-down cards. Therefore, exposing the hidden cards quickly is critical, so you have more options.

You must first attack the larger stacks to expose more hidden cards and use them to create finished builds. You can use the exposed cards to build a sequence, transfer it to the foundation deck, and score points when the build is finished.

Turn up the First Deck Card

Most players mistake building their piles and moving the cards around on the tableau. While focusing their energy on this, they forget to turn up the first deck card.

When you play Cube Solitaire, do not make this mistake. You must ensure to reveal the first deck card on your first move. By doing so, you’ll get additional options for building foundation decks.

In this game, the more options you have, the better. So, always try to expose hidden cards to increase the number of potential moves.

Focus on Emptying a Column

Empty columns are used as temporary storage spaces when cards are arranged and ready to be sent to the foundation deck. So, it would be best if you focused on emptying a column as quickly as possible.

But Don’t Empty a Column Without a King Card

If you don’t have a King card, you must wait before emptying a column. In Cube Solitaire, only a King can be kept on the empty slot; if you don’t have this card, the column will remain empty.

You cannot afford to block off an entire column when matches are timed. It will not fare well for your game and might be why you lose.

Think of Colors When Filling a Slot

So, you’ve managed to create an empty slot? That’s great news but don’t be hasty when filling the slot. You must carefully select a King in red or black color because your decision will dictate the color order for that specific pile. Before filling the empty column, you need to check what Queen and Jack cards are available. The right decision will ensure easy stacking of cards as you advance in the game.

Don’t Move Cards Without a Valid Reason

It might be tempting to shuffle cards from pile to pile. Most players are lured into building the pile-up slowly. However, locking away the high-value cards of different colors behind lower-value cards can prove disastrous. You will lock yourself out of the match and make way for your opponent to win.

Therefore, whenever you are moving cards, ensure it’s with reason. Suppose you want to reveal a hidden card, move the cards. However, do not move cards because you want to build piles.

No Need to Focus on Building Ace Stacks

You might face problems if you are trying to move cards to the upper Ace stacks. You won’t be able to maneuver the cards in the piles below. So, if you consider building Ace stacks, you must be careful. Once you have moved cards into this stack, you cannot recover them. You might be wasting precious time feeling locked or stuck. It is a risky move and one that does not bode well for the player in a time-based, 1V1 match.

Final Thoughts

The secret to winning and beating your opponents every time you play Cube Solitaire is sharpening your skills and gaining experience by playing practice matches. Do not depend on your luck to win these matches. You can turn the game around in your favor if you can master the strategies mentioned earlier. So, install the game and stay engaged.

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