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injury lawyer
injury lawyer

Chicago injury lawyer have many different specialties. Some attorneys focus on specific kinds of injuries, such as traumatic brain injuries. Others specialize in a particular area, such as medical malpractice or dangerous drugs. It is important to choose a chicago injury lawyer who has experience in your specific area of law. You can also find personal injury attorneys in your area who support charities like the Emerald Society or Metropolitan Family Services.

Chicago Injury Lawyer Compensation Attorney

Chicago workers’ compensation attorney Mark Connolly is passionate about helping injured workers get the compensation they deserve. Previously, Mark worked in union construction trades to pay for college. This experience has helped him understand the importance of a job, and how crucial it is to keep a steady paycheck when you’re injured at work. Because of this, Mark is committed to helping injured workers recover the money they’re entitled to.

Decade of Experience

With over a decade of experience and a string of high-dollar wins, Mark Connolly is well-equipped to prove your case and fight for your rights. His skillful advocacy can help you win punitive damages and push back against insurance company arguments about comparative negligence.

Trapp & Geller

If you have suffering from a personal injury, it may wise to seek legal assistance from an experienced chicago injury lawyer attorney. Trapp & Geller is a personal injury law firm that offers dedicated counsel and guidance throughout the legal process. The firm offers free initial consultations and does not charge unless you win your case.

Top Law Firm

The firm has rated by Martindale-Hubbell as a Top Law Firm. This designation is based on peer review and is limited to 2.5% of Illinois attorneys. Additionally, Jamie Trapp has named a Super Lawyer by Illinois Super Lawyer. This honor recognizes top personal injury attorneys in Cook County. Jeremy Geller is an award-winning attorney whose reputation has earned him lifetime recognition as a member of the Leading Lawyers in the United States.

Albrecht Injury Law

If you have injured in an accident, it can difficult to know where to turn for help. The time after an accident can a stressful and debilitating one, which is why a personal injury lawyer with experience in these cases can invaluable. An Albrecht Injury Law, chicago injury lawyer can help you navigate the legal process and ensure that your case gets the compensation it deserves.

Strong Record of Success In Personal Injury Cases

Robert Albrecht, an attorney at Albrecht Injury Law, has dedicated his career to helping victims. He has a strong record of success in personal injury cases, securing multiple million-dollar jury verdicts for his clients and bringing down large corporations and insurance companies.

injury lawyer

Mcnab Ola & Associates, LLC

McNab Ola & Associates, LLC has a strong reputation as an aggressive advocate for their clients. They have fighting for their clients for over 25 years and offer free consultations. If you have injured due to another party’s negligence, contact them to your case.

Specializes in Personal Injury Cases

McNab Ola & Associates, LLC, specializes in personal injury cases. They represent clients who have harmed by dangerous drugs, car crashes, medical malpractice, and bicycle accidents. Their attorneys have highly experienced in a wide range of injury cases. They have received record verdicts and settlements in Cook, DuPage, and Will counties.

Chicago Injury Lawyer Residents

The law firm has serving chicago injury lawyer residents for more than three decades. They handle personal injury claims including car, motorcycle, truck, and premises liability cases. Their attorneys have knowledgeable about insurance coverage laws and have dedicated to helping their clients obtain maximum compensation. Their president has recovered over $1 billion for his clients.

Cochran Firm

The Cochran Firm is a national law firm with an impressive roster of injury lawyers. The firm is known for representing clients in medical malpractice and personal injury cases, and is a leader in mass tort litigation. Their work has led to over $35 billion in settlements and verdicts from pharmaceutical and tobacco companies. In a recent case, they recovered a $42 million jury verdict against Pfizer for the side effects of the drug Rezulin.

Best Personal Injury Attorneys

The Cochran Firm employs the best personal injury attorneys in the country. Their attorneys have recognized as Super Lawyers and have successfully recovered millions of dollars for injured clients. They have knowledgeable about state and federal laws and have dedicated to getting their clients the compensation they deserve.

Choose a Chicago Injury Lawyer

When an accident occurs, a chicago injury lawyer can help you obtain compensation for your injuries. They have a great deal of experience representing accident victims. They can help you file a lawsuit against the responsible party if you have been injured in an accident, and they will able to provide you with valuable legal information.

Who Specializes in Personal Injury Law

First, you need to choose an attorney who specializes in personal injury law. chicago injury lawyer must experienced in the field of personal injury law and know how to deal with insurance companies. If they have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies, you’ll have less of a problem convincing them of your case.

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