CBD vs CBN: What’s the Cannabinoid Difference?

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16% of American adults say they smoke marijuana, and 48% say they’ve tried it before. As cannabis becomes more and more mainstream, it’s becoming more acceptable to partake.

But there’s a major drawback: consuming weed can impair you, making you unable to do everyday tasks as normal. This can be a hassle if you have work and other responsibilities.

For this reason, many people are turning to other cannabinoids besides THC, the active compound that gets you “high”. For example, there are CBD and CBN.

Here’s what you need to know about CBD vs CBN.

What Is CBD?

CBD (cannabidiol) is a close cousin to THC. This means you’ll enjoy a lot of the same benefits, but without feeling psychoactive effects.

CBD can be derived from both cannabis and hemp plants, but it’s mostly derived from the latter. This means it’s completely legal, thanks to the 2018 Farm Bill. However, do note that if the CBD product has over 0.3% THC, then it’s federally illegal and legal in some states.

You’ll find an abundance of CBD in cannabis plants; it’s only second to THC.

What Is CBN?

CBN (cannabinol) is actually the resulting product when THC goes through oxidization. This is when it breaks down due to exposure to health or light. So the older your cannabis is, the less THC it’ll have, but the more CBN will be present.

Because it’s a byproduct of broken-down THC, it does have psychoactive properties. However, they’re very minimal.

CBD vs CBN: Similarities

Because both of these compounds are cannabinoids, they act on the body’s endocannabinoid system. Both have shown promise for sleep issues (such as insomnia) and pain relief.

While CBN has psychoactive effects, they’re pretty negligible. So it’s safe to say that neither will get you high like THC will.

You can consume CBD and CBN in the same ways, such as through oils, tinctures, and vape pens.

CBD vs CBN: Differences

CBD is found alongside THC and other cannabinoids, which means the plants can be bred to have higher or lower CBD levels. But because CBN is a product of degrading THC, no cannabis plant starts off with high amounts of CBN. You have to expose it to degradation to get higher levels of CBN.

You’ll find CBD in more consumable forms, such as a cannabinoid cream, pills, gummies, edibles, lotions, shampoos, and patches. The forms of CBN for consumption are more limited.

Know Your Cannabinoids

Now you know the difference between CBD vs CBN. But there are so many other cannabinoids out there; there are over 100! Plus, there are other compounds found in marijuana, including terpenes and flavonoids.

All of the above can work together to create beneficial effects. Or you can use them separately. The possibilities are endless, so with more research, you might be able to treat your ailments with these wonderful compounds.

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