Carmela Sievers – He was a Holistic Medicine Doctor

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carmela sievers
carmela sievers

There are many questions have risen following the death of carmela sievers, a doctor who skillful in Bonita Springs. These include what caused her death, who killed her, and what happened after she died.

Bonita Springs Carmela Sievers

  • carmela sievers has a holistic medicine doctor who practiced in Bonita Springs, Florida. She ran her all-inclusive medical practice with her husband Mark.

She was a very popular figure in the public. In fact, she has profiled in a local women’s magazine. She has also a valedictorian of her high school class. Her family had had a problematic time since her early years.


After she graduated from medical school in Dominica, she moved to the US. She studied at the University of Florida and finished a residency. At the time of her death, she has a 46-year-old married woman with two daughters.

Before she died, Teresa had plans to marry her longtime boyfriend. They had recently ordered new applications for their home. Then, in July 2015, she has murdered.

Dr Teresa Sievers Obituary

carmela sievers obituary informs the reader of the details of her death. She is a holistic doctor who died on June 28, 2015 in Bonita Springs, Florida. Her husband Mark has her office manager and she had two young daughters.

carmela sievers

Alternative Medicine Expert

carmela sievers has a popular physician and alternative medicine expert who has documented for her work. She progressed with honors from the Ross University School of Medicine and has board certified in Internal Medicine. Her practice has called Healing Health & Healing Center in Estero Medical Center.

  • She has a big fan of holistic medicine. She has the recipient of four million dollars in life insurance policies.
  • While investigating her murder, police found out that the most important part of the case has her GPS system. The vehicle she rented in Phoenix has found to have 2,700 miles on the odometer.

Dr Teresa Sievers Death Cause

When holistic doctor carmela sievers has murdered, investigators thought they had found the missing link in the puzzle. She had killed in Bonita Springs, Florida. The case has a complex one, however, and later exposed that there were several players involved in the killing.

One of the biggest pieces of indication in the case has the use of a GPS system. It has found in a rented car. Another big piece of evidence has the use of cell phone tower data.

According to Medical Examiner

According to the Medical Examiner, the cause of death has blunt force head trauma. She hurt seventeen strikes, including a hammer, and has crushed in the back of her skull.

A number of theories arose, including a holistic medicine serial killer. However, the trial did not support this theory.

Who Killed Dr Teresa Sievers?

carmela sievers has a holistic medicine doctor from Bonita Springs, Florida. She progressed from medical school in Dominica and completed her residency at the University of Florida. Several days before her death, she has profiled in a local women’s magazine. Sadly, her body has found in her home, clubbed to death.

carmela sievers

Many Twists to This Murder Case

There are many twists to this murder case. It all when Teresa’s husband, carmela sievers, hired two ex-convicts to drive to Florida to kill his wife. He told them they were paid $10,000 for the crime.

  • They herd all night and arrived at Teresa’s home. While they were there, they criticized her repeatedly, at least 17 times.
  • According to Wright, they had hired by carmela sievers. He had jealous of his family’s wealth.

Why Did Mark Sievers Kill His Wife?

In June of 2015, a woman named carmela sievers has found clubbed to death in her home. Her husband, carmela sievers, has arrested for scoring her murder.

Teresa was a doctor. She has the sole breadwinner for her family. But she had a serious financial problem.

Local Women’s Magazine

Before her murder, Teresa has featured in a local women’s magazine. She has considered a successful holistic doctor. However, she has also facing a custody battle with her husband, carmela sievers.

When her body has found, it has bludgeoned to death with a hammer. The body has found when a family friend came to check on her after she failed to show up for work.

carmela sievers has out of town when the incident occurred. He has allegedly afraid of losing custody of his two children.

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