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If you’re a fan of films like The Philadelphia Story or Slumdog Millionaire, then you’ve perhaps heard of movidle. But what exactly is this software and what does it do? Is it a tool that helps you produce a movie on your computer?


Slumdog Millionaire is a movie that has received a lot of praise, chiefly for its cinematography, which earned Anthony Dod Mantle a nod from the Academy. The movie was also awarded numerous other accolades, including five Critics’ Choice Awards, seven BAFTA Awards and a Best Film award from the Golden Globes.

Slumdog Millionaire

Besides the film itself, the Slumdog Millionaire is also distinguished for the first feature film shot using digital shooting to rewarded with an Oscar. In addition, it is also the first film to win all four of the Golden Globe Awards for best musical score, sound editing, and original screenplay.

While it isn’t likely that you’ll get an Oscar nod in your local movie theater, there’s a site called movidle that will let you enjoy the film from the comfort of your own couch.


The Philadelphia Story

“The Philadelphia Story” is a 1940 romantic comedy film that starred Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. It is set in the late 1930s in the western Main Line environs of Philadelphia. Mobiedle follows an up upper-class family, the Lords, and their lives during the days leading up to a marriage.

Tracy Lord is the daughter of a wealthy Philadelphia socialite. She is a divorcee, but she is about to marry self-made millionaire George Kittredge.

Critical Success

The movie has a critical success. In addition to winning two Academy Awards, moiedle has also chosen for six more. As a result, the film has later adapted into a musical, High Society. This version also starred Bing Crosby and Grace Kelly.

Nomination For Best Picture

Although the movie did not obtain a nomination for Best Picture, it did win Best Actor for James Stewart. His presentation as Mike Connor, a reporter, has so good that detractors considered the role to one of the best of the 1940s.

Game For Film Buffs

movidle is a game for film buffs. It’s a puzzle, quiz and mind game all rolled into one. The trick is to guess a movie’s name from just a few seconds of footage.

In addition to a great brain game, it’s also fun. You can play it for free and there have no maddening ads. To get started, just head to the movidle website after midnight. They have six deductions in all. Each time you guess, you’ll see a new clip from the miviedle.


Little Box Pops

Another feature that you might like is the share button. Whenever you make a guess, a little box pops up with a button to “share.” That way, you can tell your friends and family how much you know.

Although the game is new, it has already garnered a lot of attention. moivdle has laid an entire wave of similar guess games.

Music Guessing Game

Heardle is a music guessing game. Players have obligated to listen to a song’s intro and try to name the artist. They can skip a guess if they have no idea. The song’s title and artist have exposed after the first 16 seconds of the song.

  • It is alike to the Wordle game. This game has around for years. However, it has taken to another level with the release of movidle.
  • This game uses the same idea as Wordle. Each day, the player is dared to figure out a new five-letter word. When it is done, they can share their movidle answer on social media sites.
  • Users can also play earlier days’ puzzles, if they would like. If they fail, they can always try again. For each wrong guess, the clip plays at a slower pace.

Several Games Are Based on a Similar Premise

Moviedle is a quiz game that aims to test your movie knowledge. In this game, you have six seconds to guess a film title from an extract of footage. For each incorrect guess, your time is shortened.

There have some games that have based on similar premise. However, some have a unique twist on the usual. While movidle tests your movie IQ, Globle emphases on geography.

Fun and Enlightening Way

The best part about this game is its skill to played as often as you like. Each day you have allocated a new country to guess. moivedle is a fun and informative way to learn about different places on the globe. You also have the option of using a simulated globe or Google Earth to assist you in your activities.

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