Wanda Ferraton – Facts About the Actress and Stunt Performer

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wanda ferraton
wanda ferraton

Despite her successful career, WWE Superstar Wanda Ferraton isn’t exactly known for her love life. The former model and actress has been married to WWE superstar Bill Goldberg for 16 years. They have one son together and live in Texas. Born in Saskatchewan, Canada, Wanda grew up with four brothers and sisters. She met her husband while working as a stunt double in Santa’s Slay.

Canadian Actress and Stunt Performer

Wanda Ferraton is a retired Canadian actress and stunt performer. She was born in 1970 and is currently fifty years old. Her career began after she married WWE superstar Bill Goldberg. She grew up in a small town in Canada and graduated from high school. She has appeared in several television shows and movies, including The WrestleMania series and the reality show Half-Past Dead.

Married to Former Professional Wrestler

The actress is married to Bill Goldberg and has one son. They met on the set of Santa’s Slay.  Wanda ferraton professional wrestling career took off after she met her husband. The couple has three children and two dogs. They live in Los Angeles. Aside from acting, Wanda is an animal lover. Aside from that, she is married to the former professional wrestler Bill Goldberg. And they have two daughters.

Extremely Slender Lady

Wanda Ferraton is an extremely slender lady who has no tattoos. She is also very active on social media platforms such as Twitter. In addition to her successful career, she is an avid reader and loves to travel. She is also a big fan of Robert De Niro, a movie star. A slim person is just the type of person she is. The actress has no regrets and is happy to share her sweet personality with the world.

Successful Career in Hollywood

Wanda ferraton was born in 1970 and is currently 50 years old. In addition to her successful career in Hollywood, she is a fitness enthusiast. Her weight is 55kg, which is the perfect size for a female athlete. She has a natural athleticism and is a strong competitor in WWE. She enjoys sports and loves to compete in bodybuilding. And the more she does it, the better she’ll be.

Fame and Popularity

Apart from her acting career, Wanda Ferraton was also a stuntwoman from 2000 to 2005. Her work as a stuntwoman has earned her much fame and popularity, and her husband, Bill Goldberg, is the only one who is still working in the industry. However, she has not yet announced her plans of having a baby. Aside from that, she is also a good mother. If you are looking for a wife, then read this article.

Short Career as a Stuntwoman

Although she had a short career as a stuntwoman, she was soon a famous actress in her own right. She was first seen in the 2001 movie The Unsaid, where she played a stuntwoman. It is credited to the director, Tom McLoughlin. Her role in the movie earned her many awards. In addition to her career, Wanda is also an avid bookworm. She is a huge fan of books, and she is also a sports buff.

Worked in Entertainment Industry for Several Years

After getting her start as a stuntwoman,  wanda ferraton is now a renowned actress. She has worked in the entertainment industry for several years, and has appeared in several films as a stuntwoman. During this time, she has received a number of accolades and has also been a nominee for the Audience Award. As a stuntwoman, she has devoted her life to her profession.

Appeared In Several Movies

Besides her acting career,  wanda ferraton has also appeared in several movies as a stuntwoman. Her credits include Texas Rangers (2001), Viva Las Nowhere (2002), and The Unsaid (2004). She is a staunch animal advocate and is married to Bill Goldberg, a professional wrestler. They have no children, but have a good relationship. In 2004, she married Goldberg, a professional wrestler, and they have a son named William.

White Canadian Couple

Wanda Ferraton was born in the 1970s. Her parents are a white Canadian couple and a former NFL player. She was a high school student who was obedient. Her parents were proud of her and encouraged her to excel in school. She had a good education and spoke English fluently. In 2004, she married Bill Goldberg, a famous professional wrestler. During this time, her husband was already working in the movie industry, and she was very grateful.

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