The Main Types of Websites: A Guide for Businesses

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types of websites
types of websites

2021 was the year for the record books. More than five million Americans have applied for new business licenses. That level of entrepreneurial energy carried on in 2022.

Are you starting your dream business, so that you can work for yourself and do work that you enjoy? Then one of the first things you are going to need, in order to market your business, is a website.

There are many different types of websites for new businesses. Depending on your industry and business model, you might need one particular type of site, or you may need to combine multiple components into one.

So what are the small business websites you need to be aware of? Keep reading below to learn about the different websites for businesses.

Simple info Site/Brochure Website

At the bare minimum, you’ll want to set up a basic brochure website. These types of websites simply aim to provide information about your business, products, and services.

They don’t come with many features if any at all. They will contain your business address, hours, phone number, and other information relevant to customers patronizing your business.

Building a website like this is pretty affordable and easy to do, especially with modern website builders that automate the process.

Your website won’t be unique, but it will look good and tell customers what they need to know.

Lead Generation Website

One step above a brochure website is a lead generation website. These are designed around website users taking specific actions.

For example, if the goal is to have a user fill out a contact form, then your pages are all designed around this one goal. Or if you want people to call your business, the page design and messaging will push people towards making a phone call.

The goal is to not just educate your users about your products and services, but it’s to convince them to take an action so that you get their contact information and can continue marketing to them.

When designing a website that focuses on lead gen, your page layout, copy, and CTAs need to be spot on. Check out this company for help setting up an effective website that works for you.

Online Store

Selling products online is easier than ever. And even if you own a physical storefront, making your products available online allows you to expand your customer base.

An online store can sell just one product, or it can sell thousands. You can even set up a dropshipping store so that you don’t have to fulfill the orders.

Or you can sell digital products that are available for instant download after purchase.

Even if your business model doesn’t revolve around selling products, there’s almost always a way for businesses to create products available for sale, even if it’s just merchandise.

Portfolio Site

If you are a freelancer or building a business around your particular skills or passions, then you might want to set up a portfolio website.

The goal of this type of site is to showcase your work. Prospective clients will visit your website after seeing your content on social media or receiving a recommendation from another client.

They want to see what types of clients you’ve worked with before, and how good your work is.

The good news is that these sites tend to be very simple, especially if you are a photographer or graphic designer. Your images do all the work and very few words are needed.

The best websites will also have an in-depth “About Me” section to give potential clients the opportunity to learn more about you, the work you enjoy doing, your education, and your values.


Many other websites will incorporate a blog function on their website. It’s just the part of their website that houses articles or updates from the company.

But other websites focus exclusively on blogging. These are the companies, creators, and publishers that are creating written and video-based content about a particular subject matter, niche, or industry.

Many popular blogs are run by one person, while others will have a huge team of people participating in the process.

If you have an online store, a lead gen site, or even a portfolio site, consider adding a blog section. Blog articles allow you to create SEO content that can help your website rank higher for specific keywords.

They can also answer common questions about your business. They can demonstrate how to best use your products. Or they can simply entertain your customers.

Magazine Website

Magazine websites are similar to blogs. But they create far more content. And they usually have a large pool of writers, both in-house and external, that contribute.

Topics can range widely, and they aren’t specific to any one business or product. These types of sites generally form around one particular industry and create content on every aspect of that industry.

For example, Entrepreneur Magazine, which now focuses heavily on its magazine website, posts dozens of articles per week. Topics range from the electric car market to solving business problems, to diversifying your personal portfolio.

With so much content, and so many monthly viewers, these websites require a lot of resources. You’ll need a team of people to help create an effective magazine site.

Landing Pages

Sometimes a landing page is a specific page on an existing website. Other times, they can act as a standalone website.

The goal of a landing page is to get users to take a very specific action. And they are also part of specific marketing efforts.

For example, if you have a YouTube channel, you might have a landing page that you direct all your viewers too. The landing page will say something like “Thanks for watching my YouTube videos” to make users feel like they are on the right page.

The page will then guide them to taking a specific action, like signing up for a newsletter, signing up for a free trial or sample, or buying a product.

Which Types of Websites Work Best for You?

Not sure which types of websites will work best for your business? You can always start with a basic brochure website.

But you can also work with a web design specialist to analyze your business and your goals to come up with the perfect website strategy for you.

Looking for more tips like this? Head over to our blog now to keep reading.

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