Same day dry cleaning and laundry services

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Have you tried Prime Laundry yet? If you haven’t, you are in for a treat! This mobile launderette offers same-day laundry and dry cleaning services. What’s more, they provide 24 hour mobile launderette services. Not to mention, they have the best prices around. Now that you know what Prime Laundry can do, why wait? Get a free mobile app and start using their service today!

Prime Laundry

In Brockton, Massachusetts, Prime Laundry is part of the Personal and Household Goods Repair and Maintenance industry. This business employs 1 person and generates an annual revenue of $36,498. While these figures may vary, they are close enough to reflect the company’s size and scope. The company’s website lists the exact contact information of each employee, so make sure to verify the information with the business before you use it.

Mobile application

A Prime Laundry mobile app will allow you to order laundry services right from your smartphone. The app is easy to use, and it helps you save time by eliminating trips to the laundromat. In addition, you can also track the status of your orders with ease. Your customers will love the convenience and ease of requesting a laundry service right from their phone. Whether you want to send your wife a gift or keep your children entertained, you can easily schedule a delivery through the app.

Before launching your laundry app, ensure that you analyze the competition and determine the pain points of your audience. An app that is user-friendly and intuitive is essential. Ensure that you research your competition to identify the needs of your target audience. You should also keep track of your customers to make sure your service matches their expectations. This way, you will have a better idea of how to improve your app. A laundry app can even help you make more money!


Web application

Prime laundry is a web application that allows you to order and receive dry cleaning and laundry services through a single platform. Users can use the app on their mobile device or web browser to enter their postcode and choose from the available services. They can also track the progress of their laundry and identify where the delivery driver may have gone wrong. The application also helps laundrymen keep track of the number of customers and how much they’ve earned per order.

The business owner makes money by taking a commission for each service and excluding the driver’s fee. In this marketplace model, he has to manage his orders and the washing process. He earns by taking a commission from the laundry owners. The app also allows him to track customer satisfaction with his services and make changes accordingly. There are two main models for running a laundry service. One is the aggregation model and the other is the direct-to-consumer model.

Same day dry cleaning and laundry services

If you need your clothes to be cleaned and returned to you in as little as 24 hours, Prime Laundry can help you out. The company has been a well-known dry cleaning service in the London area for over ten years and continues to provide exceptional customer service and a fast turnaround time. They offer a wide variety of laundry and dry cleaning services and will even pick up and deliver your clothing for free.


If you’re looking for a convenient place to wash your clothes, Prime Laundry locations can help. These locations offer a wide variety of services, including coin-operated laundry and cleaning services. Prime Laundry is open Monday through Sunday. Hours vary by location, but most locations are open 24 hours a day. Prime Laundry locations serve the Wylie, TX area. Located at 8500 Wylie Parkway, Wylie is a popular choice among locals.

To attract customers, you need a prominent location in a neighborhood. Ideally, your location should be a thoroughfare for commuters, with a low speed limit that will make it visible to drivers. Additionally, your laundromat should have easy entrances and exits. Signage and other advertising are essential for drawing customers and increasing customer satisfaction. Look for locations near schools, libraries, and other anchors, or near a transit stop.

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