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There are various scenarios where a student does not understand what has been taught. There are different reasons for that. One of them can be the environment of the class. Hence, math program should be used to help a child to understand mathematics. There are numerous online math classes platforms where you can enroll yourself to grow more skills. Later on, we shall discuss the different ways of teaching mathematics along with congruent angles.

Different Ways of Teaching Mathematics

Mathematics can become very boring if not taught properly. Hence, here are some different ways of teaching mathematics. The following points mentioned below analyze the different ways of teaching mathematics.

  1. Produce an Effective Class Opener: The first five to ten minutes play a major role in the other 30 to 40 minutes. If the first 5 five minutes are interesting, the whole period will be enjoyed by the students. Similarly, if the first 10 minutes are boring, students won’t feel like studying. Hence, creating an effective class opener is a must.
  2. Introducing Topics Through Different Methods: Students will be more likely to understand all the topics, the more you teach them with different methods. Using different representations will encourage a child to study more and be attentive throughout the period. These representations include manipulative, showing a picture and videos.
  3. Showing Practical Applications: Mathematics is a subject that is practical in various real-life scenarios. But, students are not aware of these applications. Hence, a teacher must teach the children about the practical applications of different concepts of mathematics. Showing them the history of concepts will surely motivate them to learn and study mathematics.
  4. Always Finish a Class with Summary: Every student can get lost in the later period of the class. Hence, the teacher must make sure that they do not get lost and be more attentive in the later period of the classes. A teacher can summarize the whole concept in the last five to seven minutes or give homework for the other day.

What are Congruent Angles?

Before knowing about the types of angles, one must know what are angles?. An angle is a figure that is formed by the interaction of two different rays. Angles are classified into various types based on the length of sides and ratios of angles. One such type is the congruent angles. It is the type of angle whose measures are equal. The angles that have the same measures are known as congruent angles. Therefore, all the types of angles that have equal measure will be termed congruent angles. They can be observed in various types of triangles such as isosceles triangle, equilateral triangle, and many more. An equilateral triangle is a type of triangle where the measures of angles are equal i.e. 60 degrees each. We shall learn about the steps of drawing a congruent angle in the coming sections.

Steps of Drawing a Congruent Angle

The following points mentioned below analyze the steps of drawing a congruent angle.

  1.  The first step is to draw horizontal lines with the help of a scale or ruler. Those two lines must be of equal measurement. Name them AB and BC.
  2.  Now, take an arc of any length less than the length of horizontal lines. Draw an arc by keeping the point on A and P respectively. Name those two arcs as AD and PS.
  3.  Now, keep the tip of the compass on points D and S respectively, and expand the length of the legs of the compass to draw an arc of any suitable length. Name them X And Y.
  4. The last step is to join the points A and X. Similarly, join the points B and Y. Two congruent angles are made.

If you follow these steps correctly, you will be able to make a congruent angle.

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