Top Apps That Can Help Foreign Students Learn Better

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The hurdles to overcome as an international student are numerous. An immigration law firm made your entrance into the UK easy, but other variables could frustrate your mission to study. Do we start with the language, culture, climate, and food? The good news is some developers can feel your pains and have been doing lots to make things better for you.

Recently, several applications have sprung up to help international students adapt to their new environment and learn with less difficulty. We can’t wait to start telling you about them, knowing how eager you are to settle down. Here are seven top apps that can help foreign students learn better.

1. Google Translate

How does it feel when all the learning materials you have before you look like gibberish because you do not understand the language? Well, there is an easy way of the situation, and it’s called Google Translate.

As the name implies, this language application is developed by Google and can translate about 130 languages. All you have to do is to type or paste the text into the online application, and voila, you have it in your dialect at no cost. But that’s not all.

The application is also available for offline usage. You only need to download the languages, say English and your dialect, for everyday use. Here is the fun part. On the application, you can read and translate languages by viewing them through your camera lens! Who says learning can’t be quick?

2. Rosseta Stone

Many swear that this application has been instrumental to their learning abroad. But what makes this application worth having?

First, it is an application that helps you learn how to speak any language from scratch. It achieves this by allowing you to customize your lesson plan and learn at your pace. You’d be speaking English fluently in no time.

Again, the application goes a step further to help you culture your accent to that of your host country. Its interactive feedback lets you know if your articulation is on par with the natives. The application also simulates real-life scenarios for you to practice and learn, rather than using flash cards like similar applications.

3. Oxford Dictionary

You saw that coming, didn’t you? But what is learning as an international student in the UK without a dictionary to break down that vocabulary? You can download the Oxford University Press’ Oxford English Dictionary on your phone and PC to look up words and hear the pronunciations.

4. RefME

After scaling through the language barrier, you’re faced with several assignments and need several references. UK universities may demand a different citation style than you were accustomed to. But not to worry, that is why you have the RefME application.

The software allows you to surf through papers from thousands of open educational sources on your phone or PC and choose from 8 distinct citation styles like APA, Harvard, MLA, Chicago, and more.

5. Eventbrite

So much for languages! Let’s talk about learning about the UK culture. The workload of academics could overwhelm you and give you less time to comprehend your new cultural environment. You should download the Eventbrite application to help you do that.

Eventbrite helps you keep a tab on different events around your locality. With this application, you can immerse yourself in the culture and check out the art exhibitions around you, concerts, and many more.

What this does to your learning as a foreign student is acclimatize you with the new environment and make you at ease. In no time, the UK would be another home away from home.

6. Hello, English

Let’s go back to learning the English language since the language barrier accounts for the most reasons of frustration for students when studying in the UK. Hello, English is a software you should have on your mobile device or PC. What’s so special about it?

The application is freeware and walks you through close to 500 interactive lessons. The freeware also serves as your listening ears since you can speak to the application and have conversations in English. There’s more!

You will be awakening daily to news from the application to aid your reading ability while learning about what is happening around you. There is also a dictionary to look up words in the app.

Learn, speak, practice, and more, completely offline and free. Isn’t this the perfect companion for you?

7. Whatsapp

Before you wonder why this makes our list, research shows that homesickness can negatively affect international students’ learning and academics. What to do? Keep in touch with family and friends on the Whatsapp application.

Let them know how each day goes by chatting them up or connecting with a video call. Doing this will positively impact your mental and emotional wellbeing, making all other applications more meaningful.

Final Thoughts

There is perhaps no better encouragement of learning as an international student than a peaceful mind knowing you have no issues with the law. IAS immigration lawyers understand this fact and ensure there are no immigration hurdles to face when you are in the UK to study.

Finally, installing these applications does not guarantee better learning if you do not commit to diligently using them. As in all things, disciplined and consistent use of these applications ensures you get the best from them.

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