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bailey sarian
bailey sarian

The net worth of bailey sarian is estimated to be over two million dollars as of 2021. The beauty is already a millionaire, making her fortune from her own product line as well as from collaborations with other designers. Her YouTube videos alone earn her thousands of dollars a month. Listed below are some of the facts about bailey sarian net worth. Read on to know more about her makeup list, YouTube channel, and relationship with Fernando Valdez.

bailey sarian’s net worth

YouTuber bailey sarian has earned a huge net worth with her Murder Mystery Makeup series. The series is one of the most popular and successful ones, with millions of fans worldwide. In addition to her YouTube channel, she has a large following on Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. In addition to her huge YouTube following, Sarian also has her own makeup line and has collaborated with IPSY and ESTATE Cosmetics.

She has a huge following on Instagram, with over 2.4 million followers. Her videos have attracted thousands of followers and are promoted with various video sponsors. bailey sarian net worth is estimated at $0.5 million. In addition, the YouTube sensation earns a significant amount from her merchandise and brand advertisements. While there is no hard and fast figure for her earnings, the wildly popular videos have led to an out-of-court settlement.

Bailey Sarian has a modest net worth

The YouTube star has close to her mother, Cindy Sarian. She worked as a make-up artist at Sephora before turning to her Youtube career. Her younger sister, Madison, also has a husband named Nick Malmberg. Bailey’s family has Christian, with a mixed ethnic background. bailey sarian net worth has criticized in the media for her controversial videos. She hasn’t revealed her father’s name, but her social media presence has soared.

In addition to her Instagram followers, bailey sarian has two husbands. She met Valdez in December 2013 and they have married since December of 2017. Their relationship has  publicized recently, when she announced the breakup of her engagement to her fans. They share a 7-year-old pitbull named Saint. However, their relationship is not a perfect one. bailey sarian has busy creating new projects, such as a podcast.

Despite the fact that bailey sarian has a modest net worth, her YouTube channel is her main source of income. She posts makeup tutorials on YouTube, which has earned her nearly 470 million views in total. Bailey Sarian’s net worth has estimated to reach $8 million in 2022. It’s difficult to pinpoint an exact figure as her popularity has constantly growing. bailey sarian net worth has estimated to rise, and she’s a popular YouTuber with a huge following.

her YouTube channel

While she’s now the reigning queen of makeup tutorials, Bailey’s content isn’t what you’d expect from a beauty blogger. Her videos talk about true crime stories while applying makeup and research for her content. She even discusses the dark history of the Procter & Gamble heir. Her channel is definitely worth checking out. If you’re looking for the next top beauty tutorial on YouTube, then Bailey’s channel has the way to go.

bailey sarian

her relationship with Fernando Valdez

On December 13, 2013, YouTuber bailey sarian announced her relationship with social media star Fernando Valdez. The couple had dating for eight years. They have not married yet but are believed to be engaged. The couple currently lives in Los Angeles. Valdez works as a social media personality and makes a minimum salary of $267,050. His Instagram posts can earn him $500. Sarian has over six million subscribers.

The couple met in 2013 and got engaged in 2017. The couple also has a dog, Saint, that they share. The couple met in Paris during a vacation. Valdez proposed to Sarin on top of the Eiffel Tower. Fern Sarian wrote about the engagement on Instagram and shared photos of the couple’s golden engagement ring. The couple also shared videos of themselves wearing the engagement ring. However, the pair has yet to publicly comment on the breakup.

Sarian married to Fernando Valdez

The couple never publicly announced their relationship, but their social media accounts seem to confirm it. Although bailey sarian looks married, the couple never publicly tied the knot. The rapper Def Noodles recently claimed on his Instagram that bailey sarian has married to Valdez. They started dating in December 2013 and began courting at the age of 18. They even got their first tattoo together and he proposed to her at the top of the Eiffel Tower.

While her fame is mostly due to makeup, she also shares crime-related stories. In her Youtube videos, she talks about real stories while applying makeup. This makes her channel unique among other beauty influencers, as she can discuss murder stories while applying makeup. Before YouTube fame, she worked at Sephora and is now a makeup artist. Her Instagram account is home to over 2.7 million followers. She is married to Fernando Valdez.

her makeup list

If you have looking for YouTube stars with the latest looks, you’ve come to the right place! One of the best makeup artists on YouTube, bailey sarian , is making the process easy for everyone by sharing her own makeup tips. This beauty blogger has born on November 26, 1988 in Menefee, California and went on to work for various makeup brands before making YouTube videos. She has even worked on a music video for Demi Lovato, and has a list of make-up products she recommends to her viewers.

As for her makeup products, Bailey has a fan of Fenty Beauty concealer and Fenty Beauty foundation. She also uses Lunatick Cosmetic Labs Contour Palette Vol 1 and Salt New York’s Cream Tint Contour. She’s a big fan of MAC Cosmetics eyeshadow, but her favorite is the Fenty Beauty concealer. Her favorite concealer has the Makeup Revolution Blush in shade 203.

bailey sarian

Hosted by YouTuber Bailey Sarian

As a makeup artist, Bailey Sarian has teamed up with several companies to create new products and collaborations. Her YouTube channel has over 4 million subscribers and her most popular videos get even more views. She has created a series called Murder, Mystery, and Makeup that combines the two. She uses a wide variety of beauty products, including lipsticks, foundations, concealers, and highlighters. And she’s also collaborating with the company Loud Lacquer to create a Murder Mystery Themed Nail Polish.

The YouTube channel Murder, Mystery and Makeup is hosted by YouTuber bailey sarian. The show’s new format, which is a mix of interviews and videos, is gaining popularity worldwide. bailey sarian makeup tipshave often funny and informative. There isn’t a dull moment on the show! Hundreds of people subscribe to bailey sarian channel every day. Whether you’re looking for an online makeup tutorial or a video about a murder, you’ll find it on her channel.

How Rich is Bailey Sarian?

Bailey sarian was born on November 26, 1988. She is 32 years old and a native of California. She has two sisters, one named Madison, and the other named Bailey. Sarian attended Paloma Valley High School in Menifee, California and graduated with honours. The young actress’s parents divorced when she was a teenager, so she spent most of her childhood in a foster home. Today, she is a successful make-up artist, YouTuber, and social media influencer.

Make-up artist

American YouTuber and Make-up Artist, bailey sarian has an impressive net worth of $1.1 million. She has been a YouTuber and social media influencer since 2013. Her successful makeup videos have garnered attention from millions of viewers and have spawned a number of successful collaborations. She collaborated with IPSY and ESTATE Cosmetics on their Venice Fling Eyeshadow Palette. She also married actor Fernando Valdez in 2017 and is now a mother of one son.

Before launching her YouTube channel, bailey sarian worked as a beauty artist at Sephora for five years. After she was hired by Sephora, she attended various workshops to hone her skills. In the meantime, she began working as a makeup artist at urban decay, where she worked for nine months before going freelance. Bailey’s makeup tutorial videos have received over one million views a day. She is currently a YouTube sensation with over 1.7 million subscribers.

bailey sarian

Bailey Sarian collaborated with various companies

In addition to her YouTube channel, bailey sarian hosts a series of YouTube videos titled Murder, Mystery, and Makeup. The series mixes makeup lessons with murder stories to educate viewers on the process of creating a killer’s look. The premise is simple: to create the perfect look, Sarian reveals the secrets behind a murder victim’s makeup. The result is a sexy and captivating makeover that will make any audience feel like a star!

In addition to her own YouTube channel, bailey sarian collaborated with various companies and has her own line of makeup. IPSY has collaborated with bailey sarian and ESTATE Cosmetics to create the Venice Fling Eyeshadow Palette. The eyeshadow palette will be released in August 2020. Bailey’s videos have accumulated more than four million views. So, if you want to make your look unique and stand out in the crowd, she’s the woman to go to.

Before making YouTube her primary source of income, bailey sarian worked as a full-time makeup artist for many years. She worked for Sephora, Urban Decay, and other cosmetic brands. She also worked on weddings and filmed advertisements. Jill Powell has also collaborated with bailey sarian and has filmed several videos together on different occasions. The two have shared their secrets and techniques for creating a flawless look for the wedding.

Social media influencer

In addition to her work as a makeup artist, bailey sarian has a huge net worth. YouTube, where her videos have garnered over 465 million views, has become her main source of income. She also has several other sources of income, including merchandise and advertisements. In addition to YouTube, her other sources of income include merchandise sales and her blog. Her net worth is estimated to be at least $8 million by 2021.

Besides her writing and editing skills, Bailey also uses YouTube as her main platform. Her channel has a growing number of subscribers and a large audience. Her videos are informative and aimed at increasing the number of people who are using the platform. She uploads new videos every Monday, and her videos are the most popular. She hopes to raise awareness about women’s issues through her videos. In addition to YouTube, she has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram.

Before launching her YouTube channel, bailey sarian worked for companies like Sephora and Urban Decay. In addition, she was an In House Creator for IPSY, a fashion brand. After she began uploading her first YouTube videos, she soon gained popularity and a huge fan base. bailey sarian is 33 years old and belongs to the Anglo-North American ethnic group. bailey sarian YouTube channel has nearly six million subscribers.

Bailey Sarian is also a prolific audio & video producer

In addition to creating videos for her YouTube channel, bailey sarian is also a prolific audio and video producer. Her first podcast, “Dark History,” was co-produced with the audio production company Wheelhouse DNA. The podcast premiered on Wednesday, June 2, and is available on Audioboom every Wednesday. In it, bailey sarian explores the impact of the Armenian Genocide on society. She also tries to spread awareness about crime victims.

She recently married graffiti artist Fernando Valdez, who is also a famous social media influencer. The two met in 2013 when they both got tattoos. In 2017, they became engaged. After two years of dating, the couple married in an intimate ceremony on the Eiffel Tower. The couple has two children and a son. They are now living in California. A lot of people have asked about Bailey’s personal life and relationships.

bailey sarian


Bailey sarian is a YouTuber who has a huge following. In addition to her YouTube channel, she has other social media accounts like Instagram. Bailey was born in Menifee, California. She lives in Los Angeles with her husband Fernando Valdez. She has a pet dog named Saint. She has received recognition for her personal hobbies. In school, she participated in gymnastics, cheerleading, and jazz. She also played the piano and violin. In addition, she was part of the swimming team.

One of her most popular videos is about crime. She interviews the victims of various crimes to provide useful advice for the public. One of her videos about the shooting of Chris Watts went viral, gaining more than 100k views in 24 hours. Her interest in crime stories began when she was a child, when her mother was a 911 dispatcher. She listened to 911 complaints while wearing headphones, and was fascinated by the stories.

In addition to her YouTube videos, she has a popular podcast called Dark History. The series focuses on bizarre true stories and has 19 episodes as of May 2018. She also has a merch line under her podcast label, selling t-shirts, hoodies, and sweatshirts. As of May 2019, Sarian has a following of 6.17 million. Additionally, she has a relationship with graffiti artist Fernando Valdez. The two have been dating for eight years.

While many of her videos are about makeup, she also creates YouTube content on murder mysteries. She has become famous by her murder mystery series, which she launched on her YouTube channel. Her podcast show won the Best Podcast Award in 2014.

As a fashionista, Bailey is known for her taste in clothing. She wears clothes that accentuate her body and personality. She also loves to dye her hair in different colours and styles. Bailey also has a very unique style that is often featured on her YouTube videos. She has a diverse YouTube channel that has over one hundred million views. bailey sarian is a YouTuber with a passion for animals.

Pet lover

YouTube sensation bailey sarian has two sisters: Madison and Charlotte. Both women have dogs, and the actress has even created a series of make-up videos with her mom. While she does not discuss her father, she has two sisters: Madison married to Nick Malmberg and has a baby boy. The social media star has two sisters and two brothers, including one named Bailey. The two are of mixed ethnicity and Christian faith.

While a regular corporate employee, bailey sarian began to blog only occasionally for fun and never with monetary motives. However, her passion for making videos inspired her to pursue the dream. Her style and flair have gained her collaborations with major US brands, including Sephora, Petco, and MAC Cosmetics. As a pet lover, Bailey is committed to bringing furry friends to the forefront of the beauty industry.

Bailey Sarian has two dogs and two cats

A dog lover by heart, bailey sarian has two dogs and two cats. She has two sisters, and is separated from Fernando Valdez in January 2022. She has over 2.8 million followers on Instagram and 3.6M subscribers on YouTube. She will turn 34 in November 2022. She has a plethora of followers across different social media platforms, and she is an active member of Twitter as well.

Although bailey sarian is not famous for her dog, she is a pet lover and lives in Los Angeles with her husband, Fernando Valdez. In addition to her celebrity status, she has received numerous honors for her personal pursuits. In school, she enjoyed gymnastics, cheerleading, and jazz. She also enjoyed playing violin and piano. She also joined the swim team. She currently lives with her husband in Los Angeles, California.

As a YouTube star, bailey sarian earns a good amount of money online. According to YouTube, she is one of the top breakout creators of 2020 and is home to a lavish villa. In addition to her videos, she also sells clothing and other merchandise in her bailey sarian Shop. Her net worth is estimated to be around $7 million USD. bailey sarian is a pet lover and has several sources of income.

bailey sarian

A Closer Look at YouTube Star Bailey Sarian

The social media star bailey sarian is an Instagram model, YouTuber, and makeup artist. Her bio does not disclose her parents, husband, or siblings. She stands at a height of five feet eight inches. Although she does not disclose her personal details, she is well-known for her love of fashion and makeup. You can follow her on Twitter and Instagram. Her videos are popular across the Internet. However, it’s unclear about her personal life.

YouTube personality

If you’re looking for a new way to spend your free time, consider watching one of bailey sarian videos on YouTube. The YouTube personality spends hours researching the crimes she discusses. Her research partner helps her get the facts right, and she takes breaks from crime stories to upload new videos. She releases a new video on Murder, Mystery, and Makeup every Monday and a different one on Saturday. The majority of her victims are women, so she hopes that her videos will spread awareness of crimes and the need to stop them.

The YouTube personality has two sisters. Her older sister is married to tattoo artist Nick Malmberg and her younger sister is married to a former NFL player. She earns an estimated $1.2 million per year through YouTube ad revenue, and she may earn up to $6.62 million per year if she continues with her videos. bailey sarian married graffiti artist Fernando Valdez in 2022. However, she has never talked about her relationship with Valdez on her videos or in interviews.

Makeup artist

After graduating from college, bailey sarian dabbled with a few jobs. She didn’t really know what she wanted to do, but one day she walked into a mall and a woman named Jill approached her and offered her a job at Sephora. That’s how her career as a makeup artist began. Today, Bailey has millions of YouTube subscribers and has become a popular influencer.

She’s a YouTube star, a kosmetikk talsperson, and a personlig blogger. Her tv show, bailey sarian Makeovers, has more than one million subscribers and is featured on several fashion magazines. Her YouTube channel, bailey sarian Makeup, features tutorials on applying eye shadow and makeup on models. She also makes video tutorials for her subscribers, and even posts her own makeup videos!

bailey sarian


Bailey sarian is a 32-year-old YouTube star, entrepreneur and make-up artist. She has millions of followers and more than two million Instagram followers. Before embarking on her entrepreneurial journey, Bailey was a professional makeup artist with Sephora and Urban Decay. After a turbulent breakup, she re-focused her efforts on YouTube, where she has gained over three million subscribers. However, she is still very passionate about animals, and is currently pursuing a career in make-up tutorials.

Sarian’s net worth is estimated at $800,000. Her YouTube channel is currently valued at $672k USD, and she is married to a social media star, Fernando Valdez. Both men are active on social media, and bailey sarian has shared information about her husband on her website. She is married to Valdez and has a seven-year-old pitbull. She has a husband, and they are both active on Instagram.

Social media star

Before becoming a social media star, bailey sarian has an assistant to famous singer Jill Powel and songwriter Demi Lovato. She also collaborated with Sia on various projects. In 2013, she thought of creating a YouTube channel, but didn’t get much attention until she posted about her new venture on the platform. Since then, her work has included murder mysteries and make-up tutorials.

She is only 32 years old, but has already gained massive popularity on the social media platform. She has also known to very talented. Her instagram account has millions of followers, and she has also worked with various commercial brands. Her hobbies include reading, photography, learning, travel, and internet surfing. Her mother’s name is NA, and her age is estimated to be N/A in 2022. However, her Instagram account has received more than one billion views.


It has been reported that bailey sarian husband is Fernando Valdez. Both are well-known on social media and work as makeup artists and YouTube stars. Valdez and Sarian met on December 13 of 2013 and started dating soon after. They got engaged in 2016, and the couple plans to marry in secret in 2021. The couple has a 7-year-old pit bull named Saint. During their relationship, they were rumored to have gotten engaged several times.

The two have previously dating, but later separated. However, they met in December 2013, and have  married ever since. During their courtship, they were very happy together. The couple’s relationship was in the spotlight due to the series of videos bailey sarian uploaded on YouTube. It is unknown what led the couple to split. However, a lot of fans have been talking about the couple’s love story. Although the couple is married, it is unclear whether they still live together.


The following is a list of bailey sarian family members. bailey sarian has born on November 26, 1988. She attended Paloma Valley High School in Menifee, California. Her parents have unknown. Bailey’s hobby is make-up, and she turns it into a full-time career. Her make-up tutorials are popular, and she is following over 1,357 people on Instagram.

Her father, Isaac Sumdac, is an engineer and robotics genius. She has spent most of her life in the laboratory with her father, where she received her education. The two siblings have very different from each other, and the fact that they have never played with other children makes Sari very possessive of her robotic friends. Her family is a supportive one, and the two of them work together to help each other.

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