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mike vitar
mike vitar

Interested in mike vitar ? This article contains all the information you need to know about this actor’s height, weight, and relationship status. Get to know him better! If you’re a fan of sports, you’ll love Michael’s burgeoning acting career! Here are some interesting facts about him that you might find interesting. The following are some of his notable qualities. Keep reading to learn more about his physical features!

Michael Anthony Vitar

Mike vitar is an American actor and comedian. He was born on December 21, 1978, in Los Angeles, California. He is of Cuban and American nationality. He is married to Kim mike vitar. His personal life is mostly kept private. He has two younger brothers and a sister. He is currently the youngest in his family. His family is very close and his mother and sister are close to each other. Mike is a family man.

After the assault, mike vitar suffered from recurring nightmares, debilitating headaches, and cognitive issues. Despite these challenges, he managed to graduate from college with honors and began interning at a physical rehabilitation facility. Despite his difficulties, he continued to pursue his graduate degree to become a physical therapist. mike vitar began acting when he was only 12, after being cast in a scout carnival. He also appeared in the cult series “Mother, May I?”

Mike Vitar volunteered with the Los Angeles Police Department

While attending school, mike vitar volunteered with the Los Angeles Police Department. He was discovered by a casting manager while waiting for a ride at a school carnival. He made his acting debut in 1991’s ‘Diplomatic Immunity’. The following year, he appeared on television as Anthony Gambuzza in ‘Brooklyn Bridge’. In 1993, he co-starred in the neo-noir crime film ‘Sunset Grill’ alongside Peter Weller.

The attack on the graduate student Samuel Chang, who was giving out tainted candies, prompted the arrest of mike vitar. Chang was on PCP at the time of the incident, but he did not test positive for the drug. Despite the fact that mike vitar was arrested and convicted of assault, his transition into a more private life has been delayed due to his arrest and subsequent trial. The actor will likely face the same fate as his two colleagues, but in the meantime, he will have a hard time getting back into the public eye.


The actor, comedian, and firefighter mike vitar has a comparatively small height compared to his brother Pablo. Born on December 21, 1978, he was the youngest child in the mike vitar family. He has a sun sign of Sagittarius. His older brother Pablo, who played Benny in “The Sandlot,” was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department before he decided to pursue an acting career. His father, Pablo Vitar, worked in the Los Angeles Police Department for many years.

While it is difficult to determine mike vitar exact height, there have several factors to keep in mind when figuring out how tall he is. First of all, he has born in Los Angeles. His parents immigrated from Cuba. His parents named him after a famous Cuban actor. He has the youngest child out of three siblings. His elder brother, Pablo, played the mature version of Benny in the film “The Sandlot,” and his sister, Elizabeth, are both firefighters. mike vitar attended schools in Los Angeles and excelled in school. At first, he wanted to a police officer.

mike vitar

Mike Vitar went on to become an Actor

After graduating from St. Francis High School, mike vitar went on to become an actor. In the following years, he stopped acting and worked as a firefighter. His father, Pablo Vitar, died from colon cancer at the age of 36. mike vitar height is 6 feet and 62 kilograms. He wears a shoe size of 11 US. He also plays tennis and is married to Kym Allen, a professional photographer.

His brother, Benny, is also a tennis player. They both have great height and athletic form. He is 6 feet tall, which is approximately 1.84 meters. The actor is estimated to worth $300 thousand. If his net worth is comparable to his net worth, it may even higher. With his salary and popularity, mike vitar has earned the respect of many people. It has estimated that he has a net worth of $300 thousand.


The question of mike vitar weight has come up in several recent scandals. In a recent incident, he has caught handling candy with fellow firefighter Samuel Chang. Although he has found innocent, he has charged with misdemeanor battery and has suspended from work for six months. He subsequently paid more than $1.5 million in damages to Chang. Despite his legal troubles, he continues to work for the Los Angeles Fire Department.

The actor stands six feet tall and weighs 62 kg. He has black hair and brown eyes. He started his acting career at an early age, when he has just twelve years old. He has discovered while in line at his school carnival by a casting manager. Afterwards, he worked for Gerber Ambulance in Torrance and joined the LAFD in 2002. His height has described as average, and he is a shoe size 11 US.

Mike Vitar’s parents are Cuban Immigrants

Mike vitar has born in Los Angeles. His parents have Cuban immigrants. His older brother, Pablo, joined the Los Angeles Police Department in 1996. He later died from colon cancer. His sister, Elizabeth, is a Christian, and the two siblings share the same last name. The mike vitar also have two children: Eli and Wesley, and a young daughter named Norah Paige. At the time of his birth, Mike has just six months old.

The actor has born on December 21, 1978. He will turn 42 years old in 2021. He has not revealed his parents, but he has married to Kim mike vitar, who is a firefighter and former actor. His personal life remains a secret. If you have curious about mike vitar weight, follow the links below. You will  amazed at how much you didn’t know about him before. The internet is filled with stories of people who were bullied by mike vitar.

mike vitar

Relationship status

The Sandlot actor has a wife and three kids. He is married to Kym Allen. The couple married in 2006, and have three kids together. Mike and Kym live in Los Angeles. Their relationship is currently off the radar, but it is possible for fans to keep up with his life. They have not on social media and rarely discuss their children. In interviews, they rarely discuss the relationship. Their children have not active in the media.

Born in 1978, mike vitar began acting when he has 12. His first film has the 1991 action thriller ‘Diplomatic Immunity’. He also made his television debut as Anthony Gambuzza in the 1991 NBC comedy ‘Brooklyn Bridge’. mike vitar also starred in Peter Weller’s 1993 neo-noir mystery ‘Sunset Grill’, about a detective investigating illegal immigrants.

The couple has three children, Kym and Eli. They live in Los Angeles. mike vitar started acting at the age of twelve when a casting manager noticed him at a school carnival. After that, he started getting roles in movies. He is now married to the actress Kym. If you want to know the real mike vitar relationship status, you can check out his wiki! But before you get too excited, it has important to know his wife.

The relationship status of mike vitar has up and down. Although his parents have not well-known, his two older siblings are, in fact, very close. mike vitar has born in Los Angeles, California, and graduated from St. Francis High School in 1997. His height is six feet and his eye color is dark brown. His parents have not married. Regardless of his relationship status, mike vitar is married to Kim.


While still in his early twenties, mike vitar began his acting career as a teenager. The actor has spotted by a casting manager at a school carnival in 1991. His first film has Peter Maris’ action thriller “Diplomatic Immunity,” in which he played a character who had accused of pedophilia. The film became a critical and commercial success. But Vitar’s success has short-lived. He died of colon cancer at age 36.

The career of mike vitar began in his school days, when he began liking dramas and movies. However, he never dreamed he would end up on the big screen. Nevertheless, one day, he has at a carnival performing a caricature for an audience. A casting manager has impressed by the young boy’s performance, and he offered him the child’s role. Eventually, his parents agreed to let him become an actor.

After his acting career, mike vitar worked as an emergency medical technician. He also joined the Los Angeles Fire Department as a firefighter in 2002. In 2009, he has arrested for assault for putting a man in a chokehold. However, he later returned to the fire service, and has still serving. In addition to acting, mike vitar also appears in TV shows, including NYPD blue and Scrubs.

As of June 2002, mike vitar is still a firefighter for the Los Angeles Fire Department. His wife, Kym, is a photographer and a homemaker. The couple currently resides in Los Angeles. mike vitar net worth is estimated to be $300,000.

mike vitar

Mike Vitar Now

What is mike vitar current profession? After his success in showbiz, the California native worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, joining the Los Angeles Fire Department. In 2016, Vitar was charged with assaulting a man named Samuel Chang. In spite of his arrest, Vitar is still living in Los Angeles with his wife and three children. However, the future of the actor is not clear. In order to keep the public informed, Vitar should do his best to avoid the media spotlight.

While working for Gerber Ambulance in Torrance, California, mike vitar landed in Hollywood by accident. He had been an EMT for six years before taking the test for firefighting. Since then, he has been with the Los Angeles Fire Department. His children are Eli, Wesley, and Norah Paige. In addition, mike vitar is currently working in the fire department and is an aspiring director.

Mike Vitar acting debut in Diplomatic Immunity

Vitar is a California native, and is of Latin descent. He was born and raised in Los Angeles. He has an elder brother, Pablo, and a sister, Elizabeth. His older brother played Benny the Jet in the hit movie “The Sandlot,” and he joined the police force in 1966. Despite his early retirement, mike vitar still works as a firefighter. However, the teen has been doing other things in his life since his traumatic arrest.

In 1991, he made his acting debut in Diplomatic Immunity, a thriller drama directed by Peter Marris. The next year, he made his first television appearance in Brooklyn Bridge, where he played the role of a boy named Anthony Gambuzza. He also appeared in another movie, Brooklyn Bridge, as Benny. After his arrest, mike vitar became a beloved actor among his peers. And while many people may think that the media loves mike vitar , his actions have caused him to become an unlikely hero.

mike vitar

Mike Vitar Movies

The acclaimed actor is not known for his biographical information. He was born on December 21, 1978, and his zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He is the youngest of three siblings. His older brother, Benny, starred in ‘The Sandlot’ and his father, Pablo, was a member of the Los Angeles Police Department. mike vitar acting career began at an early age, and he has been working in the industry for over 10 years.

In addition to being an actor, mike vitar has also produced, directed, and starred in movies. His career started with the 1992 co-ed hockey flick “The Mighty Ducks,” and he went on to appear in two sequels. He then transformed into a teen idol and co-starred with Joshua Jackson. He hasn’t appeared in a feature film since. He married Kym Allen, a photographer, in 2006.

After his marriage to Kym Allen, the actor has three children. His son Eli mike vitar is a professional photographer. His daughter, Norah Paige, is a medical student. Their three children are a son, Wesley, and daughter. Their relationship has been publicized by mike vitar arrest and subsequent incarceration. As of May 2016, the actor and his wife have not released any official statement regarding the case.

His early career started with television roles. He starred in The Sandlot as Benny the Jet, and the D2 and D3 movies. He began acting at an early age, when he was seen at a school carnival. He remained in acting for seven years, before retiring to be a firefighter. His wife, Kym, and daughter reside in Los Angeles. If you’re a fan of mike vitar , be sure to check out his biography, which includes several movies.

Mike Vitar Young

Mike vitar is a former American actor and firefighter. He played the role of Benjamin Franklin in the 1993 film The Sandlot. The young mike vitar has a low profile since retiring from the entertainment industry. He lives in Los Angeles with his wife, Kym. He has two daughters, one named Ellie and one named Jasmine. He has one older brother named Pablo P. Vitar. In 2010, mike vitar underwent reconstructive knee surgery.

Mike vitar is married to Kym Allen, a professional photographer. He and his wife have three children together: Eli Vitar, Wesley Vitar, and Norah Vitar. The couple married in 2006 and have three children. mike vitar has also worked as a firefighter since 2002. His net worth is approximately $300,000.

Mike vitar, 37, has been a firefighter for the Los Angeles Fire Department for over 13 years. He still lives in the Southern California city. He came under fire in 2015 for choking out a 22-year-old man who was handing out candy. The victim sustained brain damage and liver failure in the attack, and Vitar was arrested and charged with misdemeanor battery. However, he has since returned to the Los Angeles Fire Department.

Mike vitar was born in 1978 in Los Angeles. He is 43 years old and belongs to the Cuban ethnicity. He has two siblings, Pablo and Elizabeth. His brother, Pablo, was also an actor in the movie ‘The Sandlot’. Unfortunately, Pablo Vitar died in 2008. The younger Mike Vitar attended St. Francis secondary school, the highest school in his hometown. He graduated in 1997. In addition to schooling, mike vitar also attended college and worked in the film industry.

mike vitar

Mike Vitar 2020

It’s impossible to predict whether the actor mike vitar will be in the next major motion picture, but there are some things we can expect from him. He’s probably the most famous actor from his role as Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez in the Disney movie, D2: The Mighty Ducks. He also starred in the film, “D3,” as Luis Mendoza. mike vitar has a number of credits from other films, including a few cameos, including D3: The Mighty Ducks, and a few episodes of NYPD Blue and Chicago Hope. Since his last role on NYPD Blue, mike vitar has been a firefighter in Los Angeles, and has been with the department ever since.

The actor was born in 1978 in Los Angeles, California. His zodiac sign is Sagittarius. He holds American nationality and Cuban ethnicity. He was recognized by a casting manager in 1990 and starred in the film “Diplomatic Immunity” as a teenager. Although mike vitar career has been largely based in Hollywood, fans would like to see him in more mainstream films. He will certainly be seen in some major movies in 2020.

The actor is married to longtime girlfriend Kym Allan. They met in 2003 and started dating. In 2006, mike vitar proposed to his longtime girlfriend. The couple married and have three children. They currently reside in Los Angeles. It’s unclear when the actor will be in the spotlight next year. And if he does get the nod, fans will be happy for him. They’ll enjoy his newest movie.

Is Mike Vitar Still a Family Man?

If you’ve been following the news about the latest incident involving mike vitar , you’re probably wondering whether he is still a family man. After all, he is a father to three young children and a firefighter. Yet he was charged with assault on a child. Is this the end of his career? Read on to find out more. Here’s some background information about mike vitar.

mike vitar has three children

Before he became a firefighter, mike vitar was a police officer. He later joined the Los Angeles Fire Department. In 2002, he was accepted into the Los Angeles Fire Department. The next year, he married Kym, a firefighter. The couple have three children. Norah was born in December 2013, and Sam was born in April 2014.

mike vitar has three children from his marriage. His wife Kym Allen is a professional photographer. The couple married in 2006, but they have not publicly discussed their relationship. The Vitars share three children together, Eli, Wesley, and Norah Paige. They live in Los Angeles. mike vitar family life is relatively happy, but he is not wealthy. However, his career is not without controversy.

he is an actor

At the tender age of twelve, mike vitar has discovered by a casting director at a carnival. He made his acting debut in 1991 as Arturo in Peter Maris’ action thriller ‘Diplomatic Immunity.’ He first starred on television in an episode of ‘Brooklyn Bridge’ in 1991 as Anthony Gambuzza. He gained further fame with his role as Detective Sam Chang in neo-noir mystery film ‘Sunset Grill’.

He is the youngest of three brothers and two sisters, who share Cuban descent with him. He attended St. Francis High School in La Canada, California, and graduated from the same school in 1997. His father, Pablo, had played the older Benny in The Sandlot. He also had an older sister, Elizabeth. The mike vitar siblings have in the entertainment industry since their childhood and have now living their lives. His father, Pablo, died of colon cancer in 2008.

mike vitar

he is a firefighter

Michael Vitar is a firefighter and a convicted felon. His arrest has the result of a Halloween night attack in which he accosted a man while he has handing out candy to children. The victim has held in a choke hold and his hands were chained behind his back. The victim has able to breathe through a tube in his throat, but eventually his heart stopped beating. When mike vitar and Carpenter arrived on the scene, he has already in a chokehold. The victim has able to call 911, but mike vitar and the other firefighter  to perform chest compressions on the man.

In the film, mike vitar starred as a young Benny “The Jet” Rodriguez, a firefighter. He joined the Los Angeles Fire Department in June 2002, after a successful acting career that spanned nearly 30 years. Today, he serves as a firefighter in Torrance, California. While he has remained a firefighter, he is no longer in the acting business.

he was charged with assault on a child

The court determined that the evidence against Groth has not strong enough to convict him on the charges of assault on a child. Although the child has injured, there have bleeding in the child’s eyes and brain, and two fractured ribs. The court found that the child had shown signs of distress a couple of days before Groth has arrested. It is unclear whether the child is still at risk, but there is no evidence to suggest that he was at fault for the incident.

In addition to physical harm, the law also prohibits mental stress and degradation on a child. In order to convict someone of assault on a child, the government must prove that one prong of the law has violated. Parental privilege is one possible defense against an assault charge, but this is typically a factual question for the jury. The defense may not enough to prevent a conviction.

he has appeared in more than 8 films

At the age of twelve, mike vitar landed his first acting role in a 1991 action-thriller called Diplomatic Immunity. He subsequently appeared in several short films and TV series, including the video-short ‘Everything You Wanted to Know About Puberty for Boys’ and an episode of TV sitcom Brooklyn Bridge. He has also a member of the Los Angeles Police Department, and his career continued to flourish.

In addition to his film work, mike vitar is also known for his role in the Sandlot movie. This movie is a biopic about Benjamin Franklin. He went on to star in another film called “The Mighty Ducks.” Aside from an actor, mike vitar is also a firefighter. In 2002, he joined the Los Angeles Fire Department and continues to serve his community as a firefighter. He and his wife have three children together.

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