Understanding Best Practices for Billboards in Boston

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Whenever you leverage billboard advertisements in a major metro area, like Boston, Massachusetts, you can’t just throw up billboard ads anywhere you see an open spot. Billboard advertisement space isn’t cheap, and every wasted billboard ad represents money you could have spent somewhere else to get more bang for your marketing buck.

But it’s still worthwhile to advertise with billboards in Boston. The city is home to millions of people, and it includes many top billboard locations you can use to get your brand message out there. You just need to know where to look and how to leverage best practices for billboards in Boston – read on for answers to both of these questions and more.

Know Your Audience

For any billboard – or any advertisement, for that matter – to be successful, it needs to speak to its target audience or intended recipients. In essence, you need to know your audience in terms of their:

  • Desires
  • Pain points in your market – for example, what do they need that you can give them
  • How they communicate
  • What they like

All of these factors can be derived somewhat from demographic information like home location, gender, and so on. But a lot of this information has to be learned over time as you study your market audience and get to know them more deeply.

In any case, understanding your audience will allow you to craft better billboard advertisements. For example, if you know that your target demographic is primarily comprised of working-class, blue-collar Americans, your advertisements should not speak to college-educated people. Your ads should instead be down-to-earth, realistic, and straightforward: all conversational elements that working-class Americans respect and will connect with.

Maximize Cost Effectiveness

Furthermore, to place billboards in Boston effectively, you need to place them cost-effectively. Odds are you only have a certain amount of money you can spend on a billboard marketing campaign. Remember, your brand won’t be successful if you only market via billboards. You’ll also need to market online, market TV advertisements, and pursue other marketing channels or vectors.

Therefore, you need to:

  • Determine how much money you have to spend on Boston billboards
  • Figure out where you can place those billboards while staying within your budget
  • Determine when to stop certain billboard advertisements if they are underperforming

A good billboard advertisement should return your marketing investment to some extent. It should result in noticeable improvements in conversion rate, revenue, or other KPIs/key performance indicators.

As you launch billboards throughout Boston, keep track of their progress and make a note of the ones that perform well. As well as the ones that don’t perform up to your expectations or needs.

Target the Right Billboard Spots

As touched on above, where you place your billboards is just as important – if not more so – than what you put on the billboards themselves.

Boston has lots of potential spots for billboard ads. In fact, there are over 151 total billboard locations at any one time. That’s lots of opportunities to reach your target audience members.

However, the average cost of a Boston billboard is well over $7.46k. While cheaper billboards are a little over $2000 for a four-week campaign. You can expect to spend quite a pretty penny for top advertising locations.

With that in mind, you should determine:

  • The best billboard spots relative to your target audience – for example, if your target audience frequents a specific highway, a billboard ad along the highway could be a great investment
  • The best billboard spots relative to your budget. If you can only afford one perfectly placed billboard or five moderately well-placed billboards, investing in the five billboards might be a smarter strategy in the long run

Study your target audience, figure out where they work and where they trave. And place your billboards accordingly.

Adapt Your Campaign to Marketing Results

Lastly, don’t forget to adjust your billboard marketing campaign as results come in. Advertising in Boston is a cutthroat industry – you will need to get rid of underperforming billboards as soon as you see them failing to bring in revenue or conversions.

However, there’s a bright side to this. As you adjust your campaign, you can adapt it to place more billboards in prime locations. Or change your billboard content to better speak to your target audience demographics. By adapting your campaign to your marketing results. You’ll see better overall returns on your marketing dollars spent.


Ultimately, using billboard ads effectively in Boston is contingent on you maximizing their cost-effectiveness, understanding your target demographic, and choosing the right billboard ad spots overall. Fortunately, you can improve your marketing campaign over time as you learn more about the market and your target audience.

With a little luck and persistence, your billboard ads will lead to a high conversion rate in no time!

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