Bryce Laspisa – The Disappearance of Bryce Laspisa

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bryce laspisa
bryce laspisa

The recent disappearance of bryce laspisa is a disturbing and unsettling event that has left many people searching for answers. It is unclear if he was murdered, or if he simply vanished without a trace. Several factors have  cited as reasons for his mysterious disappearance.

Bryce Laspisa

The disappearance of bryce laspisa has an ongoing mystery for his family. He was just 19 years old when he vanished. His family has spent nearly seven years searching for him. While there are no concrete answers, his parents remain hopeful that he is still alive.

Background Of Bryce Laspisa

Before Bryce went missing, he had living with his parents in Laguna Niguel, California. The couple had moved there in 2012. During the summer, Bryce attended Sierra College, where he was majoring in graphic and industrial design. He was eager to continue his studies.

Bryce had acting strangely for two weeks. His roommate had told the parents that he was drinking hard liquor. But the family hadn’t heard from him in a few days. They were beginning to wonder if he was having car trouble.

On the morning of August 29th, the family was alerted by Bryce’s roommate that he had not come home. Bryce was expected to arrive at around 3PM that day, so they were concerned.

Drug and Alcohol Use

  • bryce laspisa was a college student who was abusing alcohol and drugs. He also had a mental health problem. However, his family has not been able to locate him.
  • The case has been confusing for investigators. His parents thought he was headed back to his apartment in Rocklin. But they did not hear from him for a few hours.
  • A friend and roommate claimed that Laspisa was experimenting with drugs, although Bryce denied any such activity. His mother filed a missing person report. She hoped to see Bryce in the morning.
  • After Laspisa’s parents left his house, Laspisa started to act erratic. His behavior increased when he returned to school.
  • At one point, he left a text message to his girlfriend. He said he had a lot to talk about. And he told her he would be coming home in the middle of the night. Apparently, Bryce was having a psychotic break.
  • Another friend and roommate, Sean, claimed that Bryce was taking medication and that he was a heavy drinker. He also claimed that Laspisa was changing his personality.

bryce laspisa


bryce laspisa ‘s disappearance has been a mystery since August 2013, when the 19-year-old disappeared while driving home from Sierra College near Sacramento, California. There are several theories about how he went missing, such as committing suicide. It’s possible that Bryce may have suffered a psychotic episode. Other theories suggest that he just left all of his belongings behind.

Bryce’s Parents

In fact, Bryce’s parents think that he was on his way back to their apartment in Rocklin, California. But when he did not arrive, they called the police. They also contacted their insurance company. After they did, they received a phone call from a roadside assistance company. This company told them that someone had asked for roadside service in the town of Buttonwillow.

California Highway Patrol

The company gave them the number of the company that helped Bryce out. When they called them, they did not answer. At that point, they decided to check with the California Highway Patrol. While they were talking with the officer, they heard a voicemail from Bryce. He said he was on I-5 and heading south.

Castaic Lake

bryce laspisa was a 19-year-old college student who disappeared last week. His vehicle was found crashed near Castaic Lake, and his cell phone and laptop were inside the overturned SUV. Some hours after the crash, Laspisa called his parents to tell them he was pulling over to sleep.

The search for bryce laspisa has continued. The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department has sent divers to search Castaic Lake for the missing man. However, they have not been able to accomplish the case.

Laspisa’s father has been helping with the study. In addition, a call from the insurance company informed Laspisa’s family that someone had demanded roadside assistance.

A neighbor stated seeing a small brush fire on the road. An onlooker called 911, and police inwards within 18 minutes. During the investigation, they discovered a burned body. The body seemed to belong to a man from South L.A., and investigators are still awaiting a report of the identity of the deceased.

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