4 Sure Signs Your Laptop Speakers Are Blown

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laptop speakers
laptop speakers

It was not that long ago that laptops were a relatively rare device. Since 2013, the market for laptop computers has more than tripled! These days, employment in the market for laptop computers continues to grow at an astounding rate of 12.6% every year!

Of course, even the best and most popular devices can break down. Many laptop speakers wear out slowly enough that people do not realize how much quality and sound they have lost.

So how are you supposed to know if your laptop speakers are still functioning properly or not? Read on to learn all about the most important signs that your laptop speakers are blown!

1. Your Speakers Are Distorting Sound

Speakers and headphones both display the same problems when they are blown out. Instead of producing crystal clear and quality sound, they produce a distorted shadow of it.

It can be difficult to hear distorted sounds when they are quiet. On top of that, some speakers are capable of accurately reproducing sounds at low volumes but not at high volumes. For both of these reasons, it makes sense to turn your speakers up to test if they produce distorted sound or not.

When you turn up your volume, there are a few common sounds you should be listening for. In many cases, you will hear a sound like rushing wind or like background fuzz. The louder the sound is, the more likely it is that your speakers have been blown out.

Depending on your situation, it might be too late to do so, but it is also helpful to compare how your speakers sound when you first buy them to how they sound later.

Depending on the quality and type of your laptop speakers, it is possible that they will generate a certain amount of hissing background noise at high volumes even when they are working properly. You have to be able to tell the difference between an acceptable fuzz sound and an unacceptable sound that indicates a blown speaker.

Of course, if you do not mind the sound, then there is no reason that you need to replace your speakers. However, a blown speaker or pair of headphones will generate louder and louder fuzz sounds. The result is that most people stop enjoying the quality of sound they are producing.

2. Your Speakers Lack Appropriate Range

Another way to check if your speakers have lost their original quality is by checking for the range of sounds that they can produce. A good laptop speaker should be able to produce strong and clear sounds with low, medium, and high notes.

To test this, you will want to use your speakers to produce a variety of sounds and tracks. Electronic dance music can be a reliable way to find sounds at the full range of pitches.

Listen carefully for how clearly the sounds come through at different pitches. You might find that your speakers or headphones sound pretty good at one or two of the ranges of pitch, but do not sound good in every range.

In particular, many speakers first start failing to produce clear base notes. The second most likely thing to happen is that they are not able to properly create high-pitched sounds.

It’s going to take a little bit of experimentation to confirm that your speakers are not properly creating sounds in certain ranges. However, the whole process should be easy to complete within just a few minutes of careful listening.

3. Your Speakers Are Not Vibrating Normally

If you find yourself asking, “Are my speakers blown?”, try placing your hand on the surface of your speakers. A properly functioning speaker will generally generate vibrations. This is especially true when your speaker is playing low bass notes.

If you can’t feel anything, try finding a song with a lot of bass. You might also need to turn up the volume. However, if nothing you do produces consistent vibrations, that is a good sign that your speakers are no longer working properly.

Another way to tell that your speakers can no longer properly produce bass notes is that you hear a rattling noise whenever the speakers attempt to produce a bass note.

4. Your Speakers Generate Anomalous Electrical Readings

You can also use a 9 V battery to check if your speakers are working. Remove the wires from the far end of your speaker system and attach them to a battery.

If the speaker is working correctly, you should be able to hear at least a little noise coming from the speaker. If you can’t hear anything at all, then your speakers are probably not working.

You can also try to use an ohm reader to check the resistance of your speakers. Each speaker is rated to generate a certain number of ohms. If an ohm reader says that your speakers are generating much higher or lower numbers than they are supposed to, your speakers are probably blown.

The more that you understand blown speakers and the signs that you have damaged speakers, the more likely you are to know when you need new speakers. If you have ever wondered, “Why are my speakers crackling?”, hopefully, your new knowledge about laptop speakers will help you answer that question.

Many people know a lot about computers without ever learning about the speakers in their laptops. Unfortunately, damage can accumulate so slowly across time that people do not even realize how much the sound quality of their speakers has started to decrease.

Understand How to Know if Your Laptop Speakers Are Blown

We hope learning about how to tell if your laptop speakers are blown has been helpful for you.

The more that you understand about laptop speaker damage, the quicker you can replace them when it is truly necessary. That makes understanding a little bit more about laptop speakers an investment in quality sound. To learn more about the latest advancements in technology and business, check out our other articles!

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