How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost? The Complete Guide

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how much does a bathroom remodel cost
how much does a bathroom remodel cost

In 2021, the global home improvement market was valued at USD 798.10 billion. Fixing up your home bathroom is one of the best upgrades that you can make when you’re thinking about remodeling.

Bathroom remodels retain their value and even build equity in your home. But how much does a bathroom remodel cost? We will explain in the guide below.

Read on to find out.

How Much Does a Bathroom Remodel Cost?

Talk to some remodeling companies that can provide you with quotes on bathroom remodel prices. Remodeling quotes will explain what you will be charged for the remodeling work and the cost of the supplies.

It’s normal for homeowners to pay $3,000 to $21,000 on average depending on the kind of bathroom remodeling work.

Figure out Why You Want to Remodel

You will start to get a feel for what work is involved after you figure out why you want to get a bathroom remodel. Many people decide to get a bathroom remodel to make their homes or apartments near Montgomery more modern.

Going from old school bathroom fixtures to eco-friendly sinks and jetted tubs can make quite a difference. This can improve your property value and also reduce your utility bills.

You may also choose to remodel because you have some serious plumbing issues. If this is the reason, you can expect your price quotes to be on the upper end.

Figure out if you want to only remodel the master bathroom or if the others will also get some upgrade.

Explore Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Think about what your dream remodeled bathroom will look like and start working backward. Consider your flooring options, and whether you’d like to make the switch to marble or tile.

Decide whether you’d like to install a new shower and enclosure. Brainstorm all of the aesthetic touches that you can decide on, such as various types of paint and wallpaper.

You should also consider adding a window or a skylight to let in some natural light to create a serene mood in your bathroom.

Study How to Remodel a Bathroom

After you start getting some ideas, you’re going to want to see them to fruition. Watch bathroom remodel videos and study the work of contractors so that you understand the steps involved.

It’s at this point that you’ll consider whether you want to remodel the bathroom yourself or bring in a professional to complete the work. Doing your bathroom remodel yourself will save money and offer fulfillment and pride. Professionals will be able to turn a bathroom remodel project quickly while still getting your money’s worth.

You have to also take into account your experience level before jumping into any handy project.

Decide on the Details

Always consider the details when undertaking a bathroom remodel. Little details related to the light fixtures, doorknob, and sink nozzle style will help you build your ideal bathroom.

Figure out the main thing that you want your remodel to accomplish from your remodel and make sure that you highlight it.

Shop for Some Materials

The materials that you choose will be a big factor in how much you pay for the work. Consider the large materials, such as vanity mirrors, tubs, shower glass, and sinks.

You might also need to acquire supplies like grout, extra nails, and insulation. There are several different types of cabinets that you can explore to make sure that your bathroom has the best storage. Figure out what you need in terms of style and longevity and weigh your options.

Come Up With a Budget

Now that you’re clear on which factors will affect your price, you can start to come up with a budget. The budget will let you handle your project in a timely manner without having it break the bank.

Look into CostCertified price estimates so that you know how much you will have to set aside. After you get a few price estimates, you should also check with bathroom remodeling experts and banks to see what financing options you have. They can offer you a loan that comes with interest rates and terms that are ideal.

Try to Make it Eco-Friendly

You should always be thinking about eco-friendliness whenever it’s time to upgrade your home. For a bathroom remodel, this means looking to switch to LED lights and bathroom appliances that use less water and energy.

Doing this reduces the emissions that your home uses and also helps you to save money on your bills. There are some smart home bathroom additions that use technology and energy-efficient practices to modernize your home.

This includes Internet of Things (IoT) devices that can control the thermostat and the temperature of the water. You can even look into some aromatherapy equipment that makes your bathroom a serene place where you can relax and recharge.

Bathroom remodelers can also sell you toilets, sinks, and lights that activate thanks to infrared technology, rather than having to access a lever or knob.

Handle Your Bathroom Remodel

How much does a bathroom remodel cost? The information above makes that clear for you so that you can plan out your next remodeling project.

Getting help from some excellent pros will help you out whether you hire them to do it or just need some experts to consult with. These guidelines will help you get started with any kind of bathroom remodeling project that you are looking for.

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