How to Make Turmeric Paste for Skin? Answer to All Your Skin Concerns!

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A nasty zit pops up on your face as soon as an important event comes near. We all have been in situations where our skin condition becomes out of control, and we can do nothing but cry. No matter how hard we try, we can’t have a good skin day for more than a week.

If you have acne-prone and dull skin, turmeric is a God-sent spice. People who use turmeric paste religiously can handle most of their skin concerns. If you want to try this magic potion, you are on the right platform. Let’s dive right into the article to learn about turmeric paste, its benefits, and how to make it!

What Skin Concern Can You Target with Turmeric Paste?

Turmeric with Bioperine is one of the best things to improve your health and boost your immunity. However, turmeric paste can work wonders for your skin and make it appear its best. This home remedy is worth a million and helps people achieve the skin of their dreams. If you want to know the hype behind turmeric paste, keep reading:


1.     Kills Acne from Its Roots

Turmeric has always been in the news for its health benefits, but not many people talk about how beneficial it is for the skin. We mostly add turmeric paste to our food to enhance its flavors, unaware that it can solve all your acne problems.

Turmeric has various healing properties that help your skin repair faster. If you apply turmeric to active acne, it helps in killing the bad bacteria. On the other hand, it is also a great way to stop cluster acne from spreading further.

2.     Reduces Hyperpigmentation

Most women and men of color have hyperpigmentation which increases with age or sun exposure. Pigmentation around the eyes and mouth is a common issue that most people deal with. It can be challenging to get rid of hyperpigmentation even if you use high-end and expensive skincare.

However, turmeric paste can easily target pigmentation around the mouth and face. Haldi or turmeric is great for brightening the skin and lightening pigmentation. It has antioxidants which are a great lightening and brightening agent. However, it is best to be consistent with the use of turmeric paste if you want to see permanent results.

3.     Boosting Glow

Many people in Asian and Indian communities use turmeric on their faces to boost glow and add radiance. It is a ritual to use turmeric paste on the bride to exfoliate and brighten the skin before the big day. It is a tried and tested hack that makes your skin clean and shiny.

Turmeric paste is effective for the face and improves your body’s skin tone. People apply turmeric paste all over the face and rub it in a circular motion before washing it off. It helps in making your skin from within and reduces acne significantly.

4.     Deeply Exfoliates the Skin

The accumulation of dead skin cells can cause your skin to look dull and lifeless. Regular exfoliation is the key to reviving your skin and making it shiny and glow. One of the best parts about turmeric is that it has anti-inflammatory and antioxidants that help deeply nourish the skin.

On the other hand, turmeric paste can also act as a great exfoliator for sensitive skin. It has tiny granules that mildly exfoliate the skin and remove dead skin cells. It is also great to lighten darker areas of the face and refresh the undereye area.

How to Make Turmeric Paste?

A turmeric supplement is great for improving your health and boosting digestion. Having turmeric can help boost your skin’s glow, but applying it externally is also beneficial. Here are some ingredients you need to make turmeric paste:


  • 2 teaspoons of raw and powdered turmeric
  • Half a lemon Juice
  • Few drops of water

It is very simple to make turmeric paste; you must mix all the ingredients and store them in a glass bowl. If you have sensitive skin, use rose water instead of lemon juice to make the paste. It is best to use fresh turmeric paste every time as it goes bad faster. You can make the paste as thick or thin as you like and add other ingredients to make it effective.

Ways to Use Turmeric Paste

You should learn about some ways to use turmeric paste. Here are some ways to use turmeric paste:

  • Add a teaspoon of milk to the turmeric paste and apply it to your face as a skin-brightening mask.
  • Apply the turmeric paste on the active zits as a spot treatment to reduce redness.
  • You can use the turmeric paste as a face wash to mildly exfoliate your skin daily.
  • Turmeric paste is a great hyperpigmentation treatment; hence, you can use it on your knees, elbows, and underarms.

Final Verdict

Turmeric paste is very easy to make and has various purposes. You can use it as a face wash, as a mask, as a spot treatment, and as an exfoliator. It is best to make a fresh batch of turmeric paste every time, as it goes bad faster.

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